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Playful 24 hour escorts


It was midnight, one of those crazy and unforgettable clubbing nights when everyone usually gets drunk and follow their instinctive hidden desires. The club we chose to go had an amazing vibe, being full of people and the music being played was great. I dressed to be as one of the hottest; really wanted to feel and look amazing that night. Being in my early 30's, probably nowadays I would be regarded in different sexy terms, especially if you were to see me than in the club. I chose to go only with two of my best friends that evening, all three 24 hour escorts feeling kinky and horny. They decided both to wear white tight skinny jeans, white blouse and nude high heels. Being blonde and dressed all white in a club can get you quite a lot of attention...  For a long time I had a exciting feeling about meeting someone at the end of the party, wich would be like a total stranger until then and just have a passionate encounter with him.

The feeling of this idea kept getting me aroused for years! I really don't know why, but this has always been one of my secrets, hidden fantasies. Sometimes I even had dreams about this happening, it's extremely hot! I am a fun-loving girl and sometimes I want to get my ass slapped... I am aware...of it. I drank probably too much, it must've been 3-4 glasses of vodka with orange juice. It's not that much, but for a 24 hour escort like myself, it really is a little too much..but nonetheless it make the whole atmosphere feel even better! We danced and had a great time all night, as we usually do when we spend our time together.

As we were leaving the place, at 4 or 5 in the morning..in the very small hours of the morning..I saw this man coming directly at me. At first I didn't realise, but it was the same which I happened to met earlier upstairs, one that I had my eyes on all night.
The first thing I noticed was his gorgeous and warm smile. I Didn't see a beautiful smile like this in a man for quite a while. He introduced himself, I think he opened with a joke, if I remember correctly... He was just charming, he was also dressed very fancy and trendy. His perfume was very hot, I still remember that sweet perfume even now..
By this time I was even more horny and on top of this  a bit dizzy also; I really wanted to get the 'party' going and now that I met him, I saw that my hidden fantasy as one of the 24 hour escorts might be one step away. Also thinking about it now, I don't know if he was aware of it or not, but that night was going to become one to remember!

I suddenly found myself kissing that guy, we kissed for minutes and minutes...touching him on his chest, then gently going with my hands down..onto his crotch and immediatly I could feel how hard he became already.
I started arousing him more and more... massaging his crotch and he did the same with me..so I said my goodbyes to my friends as it was a moment of: ''Okay! Time to go, immediately!''


We went to my place, although he insisted we'd go to his place. The kissing didn't stop from the door steps till the bedroom throwing our clothes all over the floor. He started undressing my lingerie with his pearly teeths. I enjoyed that so much.. He started caressing and kissing my breasts... then he started going deeper and deeper until finally... he start to ate me in a great way! by this time I was all soaking and wet, extremely horny and burning of desire to receive and give more and more.

He spanked my butt while the kissing and touching didn't stop. He prepared for making his 'entrance'. I knew that doggie gets every male, it's quite exciting for women too so we started like this. I don't know exactly about other girls, but for me personally, I really enjoy doing it like this. I could feel him so deep inside me... it was totally mind-blowing!

After a while of receiving intense pleasure I decided it's time for me to return the favour. I started going down on him, kissing him all over. He was getting harder and harder! He was rolling his eyes, the pleasure was quite hard to hide. Came slowly on top of him and letted him admire my gorgeous E cup breasts while I was feeling him inside more and more.

It was such a great night especially that I had my hidden fantasy accomplished. I will have to increase my 24 hour escort list now..yet again.

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