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There are many interesting things you can do in London. Visiting the museums, admiring the tourist attractions, enjoying boat tours or visit one of the most beautiful Sloane Square escorts. This are only some of the things that you should really do in London, whether you live here or you just came in this beautiful city for a few days as a tourist. But you should not run from one place to another without enjoying the views and savoring each moment spent in London. Take a break from your busy schedule and delight your taste buds with a coffee especially because you will find many delightful cafés all over the streets of London.
The best cafés you should visit in London

Nude Espresso

Placed into a quiet corner of leafy Soho Square, this place always seems to be crowded and smells like freshly roasted coffee beans, appealing to more and more visitors each day. Although it has a large open space and looks like a diner, in this lovely café you can serve delicious coffees from Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Brazil. Nude Espresso keeps gaining in popularity and there is a very simple explanation why: consistency and quality.
Even if it is known as a café, you can still serve here breakfasts, salads, brunch dishes and even baked goods of high quality. The food is amazing, but the coffee is what attracts people here. Since you come here to get energized before a day hitting the weekend markets, make sure you buy some beans so you can savor their delicious coffee in
the comfort of your home.


Monmouth Coffee

This is a major presence on London’s coffee scene. They make and serve a wonderful espresso and numerous milky derivates with full-fat milk that will certainly delight your taste buds. You can also have some simple foods such as breads, pastries and so on, but the brewed coffee is sure to smell and taste delicious in this place that can become quite crowded in weekends.
If you tell them your favorite type of coffee, they will do their best to serve it to you. The queue line is longer than at Starbucks, so you can be certain that their coffee is worth waiting for; and as every wait is different, why not next time, invite along your gorgeous London escort. Your order will be served with a smile, the environment is really warm and the atmosphere is cozy. If you wish to spend a calmingbreak on a busy day at work, come to Monmouth Coffee and unwind for a few minutes while enjoying one of the best coffees in town.

Dose Espresso at Long Lane

This is one of London’s best cafés with a diverse clientele and which is nearly full at 10.30 am. Besides the fact that they serve a heavenly coffee, they also have tempting foods such as organic ciabatta, imaginative sandwiches and their own made muesli and yoghurt fruits compotes that will help you stay energized throughout the day.
Although the avocado, bacon and halloumi sandwich is awesome, the consistently smooth coffee is downright mouth-watering. Staff from St Bart’s, the Clerkenwell cool crowd and even suits come here to have a coffee and brunch. The atmosphere is perfect for a weekday café and you can meet here with a client during the week, but do not expect to
sit here on Sunday for hours and just read the newspaper, because you will hardly find a free table.


It is a lovely place to grab breakfast or brunch surrounded by the delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee. This brilliant café and restaurant has its own roastery in the basement. Because their brunch is amazing, expect to wait up to an hour until it will be served to you. But it will definitely worth every second of waiting because the flavors will melt in your mouth in a heavenly explosion of tastes.
The coffee at the Caravan is what appeals visitors in this part of Exmouth Market. The cappuccino is adorable, but if you ask for an espresso it will be served with a cute bottle of milk. Get ready to queue if you decide to come here in a sunny weekend, because many people would want to serve their first meal in such a lovely place when the
scents will entice you to drink more coffee and eat more tasty recipes.

Prufrock Coffee

If you wish to indulge in a comfortable room with one of the best coffees in London, you have to visit Prufrock Coffee on Leather Lane. Any coffee lover should come here at least once to taste the wonderful coffee. Everything is perfect here, from coffee, food, staff, ambiance and experience. The Americano with fruity blend is flavor some, with delicate flavors and real fruitiness about it, but the other assortments will not disappoint you either.
In case if you have to buy a gift for a coffee enthusiast, at Prufrock Coffee you will find various assortments to select from. They also have a small selection of snacks so you can pamper with a coffee and brunch before going back to work. Because the space is nice and airy, you can gather here with your friends or coworkers. It is the perfect venue to sit and enjoy a delicious coffee, so make sure you try the special products at the Prufrock Coffee.
Timberyard, TAP Coffee, Wren, Electric Coffee Shop and Rapha CC are other cafés that worth being visited for their wonderful products. You can even go with your dog at Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar on Fortis Green Roadand serve a great coffee while your dog is pampered with biscuits and other delicious treats. But if you are a cat lover and you wish to drink a tasty coffee surrounded by dozens of cats, go to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium with your little friend and allow it to feel like in a heaven for cats.
The truth is that London coffee scene is diverse and you will find cafés where you can also fix your bicycle or cafés for cabs. Regardless if you already have a favorite café, these are venues you really have to try at least once to serve their specialties and enjoy their delicious coffees. Discover London’s streets and take a peek inside its coffee shops, your chosen London escort will sure like it.

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