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When celebrities, models and other well-heeled stars gather together, you know that they will have a great time. Whether it is a grand opening of a 5-star hotel, the 40th anniversary of Armani, the launch of a new fragrance or Coachella, the stars know how to party and they party instyle. Showing off with their glamorous appearances and wearing the most stunning designer looks, the rich and famous party hard in VIP style and prove to everyone that they enjoy taking a break from their busy schedules. Our Marylebone Escorts make no exception from such events and as it is always the case, they bring even more glitz and glamour to the events.

It cannot be denied that the whole world likes to party. But the truth is that celebrities’ parties are just plain better than others. Besides the fact that they spend a lot more than average people – they throw million pound parties - they also have the means to party in style on yachts, in 5-star hotels and in very exclusive venues where too many strangers can downright kill the party.

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, the Kardashians, Katy Perry, Diddy and Jay-Z are only some of the celebrities who throw a fortune on fabulous parties. Perhaps one of the most disturbing parties where Lindsay Lohan went was at Paris club Le Titty Twister. The party itself was not disturbing, but the fact that Lindsay was due in court several days after might make anyone frown for a second. As a partygoer, Lindsay was caught too many times drunk, under the table or driving towards home under influence, proving that she knows how to party in style, but she does not know when to stop.

Lady Gaga was the host of many wonderful parties, as our Marylebone Escorts will tell you. The artist was the co-host of the after-party of fashion’s biggest night of the year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, together with Alexander Wang. Stars like Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Justin Long, Jason Sudeikis, Miley Cyrus, Lorde and Jennifer Lawrence attended to this party that took place in Diamond Horseshoe, an extravagant dinner-theatre show Queen of the Night located in Paramount Hotel. Gaga opted for a fabulous black-feathered Balenciaga cape, black sequined jumpsuit and platform boots and she was seen partying in style all night long.

When Paris Hilton and her friends gather together, you should expect some noise. But when she and Lindsay Lohan used to party together, regardless of where they spent their time, be it at home in Los Angeles or in a club, they drank and danced until the early hours. They are known as wild partygoers, as our party escorts, so it is not a surprise that neighbors aren't too happy when things overheat and the noise levels gets too high.

Although we can barely find out how models and celebrities have fun in private, paparazzi manage to take amazing shots of well-heeled stars when they go towards home. Many models were caught drunk and extremely tired in early hours while they were in their way for their beauty sleep. Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, George Clooney, Christina Ricci, Pete Doherty, Lily Allen, Cameron Diaz and Beyoncé are only some of the celebrities and models that are not quite role models when it comes to partying, because they fall asleep after too much of the combination dance & booze.


The Vanity Fair after-party that took place after the Oscars in February 2015 was probably the most exclusive event on Hollywood. This year’s celebration took place inside a spectacular place decorated with marble, green-and-white-striped carpets and a gorgeous chandelier weighing 6,000 pounds. Stars like Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, Sophia Vergara, Emma Stone, Vin Diesel, John Travolta, Serena Williams, Aaron Paul and many others including comedians, cultural influencers, musicians, actors and athletes made their way to Beverly Hills in order to attend to this party. They chatted, drank huge amounts of expensive champagne and took fabulous photos, because their notable outfits had to be immortalized.

Miley Cyrus sure knows how to party in style. When she celebrated her 22nd birthday in Los Angeles, in The Factory nightclub, she wore a neon pink and green dress with a matching fluffy jacket. She amazed everyone with a mechanical bull penis that could have been ridden by all curious people who were present at this amazing party. Miley’s birthday giant cake looked like a pepperoni pizza and she certainly had a wonderful evening besides her new boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, with whom she drank and danced for the entire time.

Nicky Hilton’s bachelorette party was a few days ago in Miami and her sister, Paris Hilton, was present too. Girls looked astonishing in their sexy dresses and the bachelorette wore a silver tiara as an epic accessory. Their party began on Friday, when the bridesmaids and bachelorette checked into the 1 Hotel and Homes in South Beach. On Saturday they spent a wonderful adventure traveling on a custom Van Dutch yacht, but the real party was Saturday night at the Wall nightclub. What stylish party would it have been without the naughty decorations and Belvedere Vodka?

If you want to take a peak and see how many celebrities and models party in style, you should attend to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The event alone has numerous performances and shows that will enchant everyone, but the stars and celebrities that show up to Coachella are certainly a fashionable and delightful presence. Because Coachella is considered a trendsetter in music and fashion, it is not a surprise that stars like Anwar Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Zoe Kravitz, Paris Hilton, Kate Bosworth, Adam Levine, Nikki Reed, Fergie, Alessandra Ambrosio and many other celebrities were spotted partying at this wonderful event.

Whether they have fun in Bali, Berlin, Chelsea, on a yacht, at a majestic hotel, in a private jet or in their penthouse, celebrities and models appreciate the incredible nightlife scenes, the exclusive venues, glamorous ambiances and expensive booze rivers. Celebrations take place all over the world, but regardless of the place where they are, the rich and famous always party in style with the best Marylebone Escorts .

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