Top things to do in Marbella

Located in Costa del Sol, where Andalusia meets the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella is a picturesque place in Spain that should be visited by everyone who appreciates the best things in life, especially with one of the international escorts. Marbella is the magical place where glamour, glitz and Andalusian charm are a perfect match. If you would like to visit a wonderful city that combines entertainment, adventure and amazing shopping with fashionable beach life and 5-star dining, Marbella is what you look for and even more. Here are the top things to do in Marbella.
A ride with a horse-driven carriage.
In the city center, by Parque Alameda, you will find many horse driven carriages that you can ride in order to admire Marbella sights. If you want to know what leisure truly means in Spain, you have to see the city through their eyes. Despite the fact that most of the traffic is made by high-end luxury cars you could take a walk in a carriage. Regardless if you take the ride during daytime or night time, this experience will sure offer you a lot of satisfactions. Since you are near Parque Alameda for the horse-driven carriage, indulge yourself with a walk in this little, yet remarkable park. It is full of huge tropical plants and has in its center a spectacular fountain that is decorated with Andalusian tiles.

See the theme parks.


Marbella and its surroundings have many themed parks, from water parks, zoos and fantastic fairgrounds to Butterfly Park, amusement parks and safari parks. These parks will entertain visitors of all ages. Whether you wish to play video games, ride go-karts or electric cars or if you prefer water sports you will certainly have a delightful adventure in Marbella. But if you arrive in this beautiful city, you definitely have to travel together with your international escort to Selwo Safari Park and visit the largest and most impressive safari park in the entire Spain.

Go on a buggy safari.


Have you considered this type of experience ever before ? It's sure lots of fun, especialy if you think and plan for it in advance. How about make this a double-fun and take one of the Marble Arch escorts alongside ?.It certainly is a wonderful experience for adrenaline junkies. Tourists who go on a buggy safari in Marbella will have the opportunity to see the coast from a different perspective. Exploring the coast in a two seater buggy will allow visitors to splash their way through rivers and have bumpy rides that they will never forget. Going up the hill, feeling the wind and tasting the dust might not be seen as a pleasant way to spend a few hours, but adrenaline junkies who love the open road will be enchanted and they really have to try this adventure.
Enjoy tapas and vino. There are many tapas bars in Marbella where you should try what they serve. Along the cobbled streets you will see a lot of tiny tapas bars where vino, cerveza and tapas are more delicious than ever. However, if you arrive in Marbella, eating tasty Spanish-style recipes like La Paella and Gazpacho Andaluz is a must. Nikki Beach Marbella Restaurant, La Sala By The Sea Restaurant, The Broadwalk and Paella’s Y Mas are places where you have to savour the local food.
Kite-surfing one of the top things you should do if you visit Marbella. Although you will have to drive first to Tarifa, it is a guarantee that you will not regret trying kite-surfing on the white sandy beaches. The distance between these two cities does not matter; even though you will have to travel about 100 km to get to Tarifa, you will free your mind and feel the wind blowing your hair while kite-surfing and your day will be significantly improved. Kite-surfing is a challenging sport to learn, but the satisfaction of standing on the board will fill your heart with joy.

Charter a luxury yacht.


Knowing that Marbella is an exclusive destination where luxury and glamour are a perfect blend, chartering a luxury yacht in Poerto Banus is a must, especially if you are trying to impress your international escorts. This luxury marina has berths for hundreds of boats and numerous extravagant yachts are docked here. It is not a surprise that all tourists come to admire Poerto Banus and its amazing boats. But those who will charter a luxury yacht to go on a fantastic cruise will have the adventure of their life. Some yachts are decorated in Hermes style and they can be chartered for half a day or even for a few days. Those who want to have a VIP experience should enjoy the champagne and sunbathing on a luxurious boat.

Go to the beach with your international escort.


Marbella has many charming activities to offer, so you might forget that this place is actually a beach destination. Regardless of when you arrive in Marbella, visiting the beaches is a must. Costa del Sol boasts kilometers of sandy beaches with wonderful little bars called “chiringuitos” where you can serve tasty drinks and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Nikki Beach, Nagueles Beach, La Fontanilla Beach, La Venus Beach, El Faro Beach, La Bajadilla Beach, Hippo Beach and Funny Beach are places that you should see if you want to enjoy the lovely weather in Marbella.

Try your luck at the casino.

Casino Marbella within the grounds of Andalucia Plaza Hotel is the venue where you can party in style if you enjoy gambling. What could be more fun then Marble Arch escorts, Poker, roulette, blackjack and slot machines abroad in a beautiful setting, that can keep you awake all night if your pockets are full and if you are willing to take the risk.
Many other activities will help you have a delightful holiday in Marbella. Whether you want to play golf, go shopping, ride a horse, play Tennis, watch dolphins and whales, race cars or enjoy a Cocktail master class, this beautiful beach destination will show you how it’s like to party in style. If you do not know where to stay, Don Carlos, Vinci Seleccion Estrella del Mar, Gran Melia Don Pepe, Hotel Puente Romano, Marbella Luxury Penthouse and Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus are some of the best 5-star hotels in Marbella.

Although it is the place where rich and famous people come to have fun, Marbella is a gorgeous destination where anybody can have a wonderful time. This enchanting city offers many entertaining ways to spend your time here. The nightlife is spectacular, the shops are stylish, the restaurants are exclusive and the sandy beaches are amazing. Regardless of the moment of the year when you visit Marbella, you will feel just like in a lavish movie from the moment when you arrive with your beautiful Marble Arch escorts

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