Happy Hour


Making booking with ease turns even more rewarding


I am taking advantage of the EXCLUSIVE offers NOW!


Happy Hour

Every day between 17:00 – 21:00 is Happy Hour at Mermaids of London

Booking any girl discounts:

£150  / £200  – £10 / £20 off (P.O.A. for extra hours)
£200  / £250  – £20 / £30 off (P.O.A. for extra hours)
£300  / £350  – (P.O.A.)

The Mermaids Rates are guaranteed!

– And it gets even better –

Spending time in style with ANY of the ESCORTS and taking advantage of the Happy Hour time as many times as wanted.

Additional benefits
  • Bookings made during Happy hour for any other time also qualify for the same DISCOUNTS.
  • Bookings made outside Happy hour for any time between 17:00 – 21:00, also receive the DISCOUNTS.

These amazing Offers are EXCLUSIVELY available at Mermaids of London.

The receptionists are focused on ensuring the best service, for more information call now.

Happy Hour

Writing 5 comments for any of the Mermaids of London escorts via Guest Book page or inside individual profiles automatically qualifies for a £10 DISCOUNT code the first booking any moment outside Happy hour.

* The comments written have to be relevant and in a manner that allows their publishing

** The Text can’t be copied from other websites! All content has to be original.

(This Option is available outside Happy hour time – ONLY on its own)


Submitting a REVIEW on a well-known directory about the experience with one of our escorts also qualifies for a £20 DISCOUNT code that can be used any moment outside Happy hour time.

*The link of the published review has to be sent using the email: [email protected]

(This Option is available outside Happy hour time – ONLY on its own)

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