Kensington Escorts and the Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens is an iconic place that you have to visit if you want to see the best panoramic view of London. Regardless if you come here for the rooftop bars, to party hard in the club, to have a nice dinner at the restaurant with one of the Kensington escorts or just to visit the Gardens, it is guaranteed that you will never forget your fantastic experience at the Roof Gardens.

You will jump back in time

Being one of London’s best kept secrets, the Gardens have a glamorous and chic atmosphere that will certainly make you like it as mentioned many times by the Sloane Square Escorts Hidden one hundred feet above Kensington High Street, on top of the old Derry and Toms department store, this place is unique and spectacular. It is not a surprise that it is often the background for fabulous parties and private events. The Spanish Garden represents a Moorish Haven where you would like to wander and get lost in. Mediterranean trees and colorful English flowers and plants are displayed in a stylish design that will make you day dream there for hours. The vines, palm trees and fountains are included in this Spanish Garden to offer it a foreign yet delightful ambiance.
If you take a little stroll through Tudor Walkway you will reach the Tudor Garden, which has three courtyards and Tudor style arches that will make you feel like you just made a jump back in time. The red brick walls send you far away in time, when life was a lot different than in current days. Although the garden has a dramatic appearance with plenty of roses, ivy and wisteria, the umbrellas soften the ambiance and tempt the visitors to take a sit and eat sheltered from London’s capricious weather.
The English Woodland Garden from the Roof Gardens will astonish you with the beauty of the crocus, narcissus, snowdrops and bluebells that bloom when the weather is warm. Over one hundred trees and a stream establish a magical territory elevated on top of the world. But the four Flamingoes, the Mandarin and Carolina Wood Ducks are the attraction of the Roof Gardens. It would be a pity to go there and not see these amazing things, also while in the area go and meet one of the Sloane Square escorts as well.

Eating on top of the world


If you book a table at the restaurant for a nice dinner, you will literally eat on top of the world. Being high up on the seventh floor and having a splendid view over The Roof Gardens and London’s skyline, this restaurant is the best place to spend your time with your one of your desired Kensington escorts . You could enjoy there a delicious meal that will delight your taste buds. The food is described as contemporary British cuisine and you can be assured that each meal taken there will contain only fresh and seasonal ingredients.
One of the best views in London can be admired from the windows of the private dining room. Those who take a private party in here will have access to a private terrace from where the resident flamingos might be observed. Up to 12 guests can have a memorable experience there, but if you hire the entire restaurant, a group of 120 persons will stay like in Heaven.
Jazz evenings are more impressive in this glamorous environment. You can share with your gorgeous Kensington escorts a wonderful adventure each Tuesday night at the restaurant. The smooth tunes of live jazz will charm you both, promising a fantastic night that has just begun. But if you wish to enjoy a cocktail on top of the world during a sunny afternoon, the terrace is the perfect venue. The sunsets you will witness here are more impressive than anywhere else, but the foods are so delicious, that you will certainly want to come here again. Having the right company is a added benefit and we are certain that meeting one of the Kensington escorts will have its say.

A magnificent club with the hottest parties


You cannot start the weekend better than in London’s rooftop Private Members Club. This stunning venue has 1.5 acres of an astonishing rooftop garden one hundred feet above the London’s Kensington High Street. On the 6th floor the entrance is highly selective and only tip-top guests will be allowed in this magnificent club. The hottest parties are held in here, when the most renowned DJs will perform live and the delicious cocktails perfectly served will make you dance all night long.
With a stylish decor and ravishing atmosphere, this club often has themed night clubs, with summer BBQs, comedy shows, acoustic sets, masquerade clubs and many others. Once you get to the Roof Gardens, you cannot deny that this venue has a wow factor, at least that what we keep hearing from our wonderful Kensington escorts. But the club will amaze you and you will be eager to come back as soon as possible. You can book the VIP tables for a full VIP treatment and when you will be tired after too much dance, you will have a nice place to sit down a few moments. The Spanish Hideaway is an exclusive VIP place outside. This perfect hideaway allows you to admire the Spanish Gardens from a fully heated and covered space where you and the London escorts will feel as cozy as home.
The Spanish Veranda is even more impressive than the Spanish Hideaway, because this one allows you to sit comfy in an individual bed or with a few hot babes in a huge bed-like. The view from this part of the club will be gorgeous and your night will not be forgotten quite soon. Maximum 400 persons can enter into The Silver Bar, this classy venue where the drinks will flow like rivers. But during peak season only 150 guests will be allowed, so make sure that you are on the list before arriving to this glamorous bar. Moo Room is close enough to the dance floor, but quite far from the noisy people.
Kensington Roof Gardens will charm you with the London view, the gardens, club, delicious foods and tasty drinks. Even if you come here for a tea during a sunny afternoon, to visit the gardens or to party hard in the glamorous club, Kensington Roof Gardens is a must visit. Without any doubts, you will always remember this wonderful place and the amazing experience that you will spend at the Roof Gardens with the naturally charming Kensington escorts.

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