Seductive and Provocative


A while ago, I met someone, not so experienced I could say, but with an incredible sense of adventure & open-mindedness that gave me a new view on things.
It would be hard for me to choose and re-count every meeting we had, as some were more wonderful and amazing then the others, but I could you tell about my first playful one with him.
We went outside, I was wearing just my favourite London Escort skirt, with no panties and stopped for a coffee. While seating on our chairs I whispered in his ear how wet I was and the fact that I wasn't wearing anything else underneath. As soon as he heard that, he asked to go back to the hotel.
I don't know if the desire was so intense from both of us, but we found ourselves in the room sooner then expected and already naked standing beside the bed. I kneeled and began sucking him eagerly and after a while he wanted to make it up to me, so he started licking and playing with my wet clit. His fingers were magical, entering slowly in my pussy making me feel a sensation that I cannot describe in words and could never resist not feeling it over and over again.
He turned me around, and put his member inside and I began feeling him harder and harder inside me. He grab me by the hair in a commanding way and started shouting words that I soon liked more and more. His way of doing the things made me very excited about the whole encounter, so now I was rubbing my wet pussy while he was pounding me in my other place.. Just before he finished, I turned, opened my mouth and let his cum fill it. It was a very intense experience..

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