Party all night


The music was playing loud and the atmosphere was amazing!! We had a few glasses of vodka with orange juice and it was just a great evening out. We danced, we partied all night that's one of the best things I am good at, well.. maybe something else also.

This handsome man really knows how to party. He arrived and picked me up with his car and he just wanted to have fun all night long. He said he wants to go and dance - so we went to one of the best clubs in London. The music was fantastic, the place was not too crowded even though there were a lot of other people. It was just perfect! The music was absolutely entertaining, I danced my feet off all night long. He was a great dancer also, I never saw a man who knows how to dance as good as he did that evening. It seemed like the party was going on and it felt soo good..

After a few hours, we couldn't manage anylonger to take our eyes off each other so..He took my hand and we went to the club's restrooms...for some quick fun! Doing it in public was one of my hugest turn-ons. It was a great pleasure, I enjoyed every second of it. The adrenaline that we could have get caught.. Afterwards, we went for a late dinnner..oh as we were still full of energy, despite the fact that we were in a club for several hrs..I guess being a Party London Escort helps.

After the dinner, we went back to his place and continued what we started in the club..He was a rocking tiger in bed, I could feel every emotion running through my mind as he definitely knew what to do. And I enjoyed every second of it! We continued like this until the early hours of the morning, I actually felt sad that the night was over. We were both really happy with everything that had been happening and so he suggested that we should do it again soon..And I'm sure we'll have another fantastic night out!

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