London escorts are adventurous


Have you ever tried having fun in a car? Oh..

One of the kinkiest and hot experiences you could possibly have. But you must be careful, so nobody sees you.

Happened some time ago, but it's still fresh in my memory..guess you don't forget easy what you enjoy. I was so kinky!! I instantly accepted. We were coming back from a dinner party when the proposition came in place..even now I don't know if he knew about this fantasy of mine.

We started kissing and he started turning me on, I was helpless, but I loved it. I started turning him on too, kissing his neck and breathing into his ears, whispering him dirty things and sexy words. We flirted and started teasing each other..Although It was late in the night and nobody was around. He started undressing me, I unzipped his pants and... my, oh my... He was gifted. I made him feel like flying for 10 minutes or so.. I just couldn't help my adventurous side not showing and wanting to suck his hard cock. His hands were also all over me touching my wet pussy and making me shout of intense pleasure.

I enjoyed every bit of that night, it was fascinating how many things you can experience as a London escort. Every single time I think about that night and remember it, I get so aroused and I start smiling. I remember to this day how horny he was when I unzipped his pants and he had that dirty look. He was so satisfied with me and our experience, smiling and laughing... But I'll never forget how gifted he was, he made feel also like few can...

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