Just having fun


It's such a great feeling to sit in your living room, on the couch and relax. That priceless feeling of relief after a stressful week, finally relaxing... It's not bad at all, should do it more often. Your body is relaxing and you start stretching a little bit, you feel like falling asleep.

If we would rewind, the story would get even better. He came to my place, I was one of his favourite London escorts. He always liked meeting special girls and he knows also how to treat them in the same manner. I enjoy it too, obviously... I'm a dirty cat!

We started undressing each other as we were kissing madly. I felt his lust so hard, also I sensed his... "excitement to see me" ha ha. He passionately threw me on the bed, it felt so good... He started kissing me from my legs and working his way up, afterwards he started biting my lip so hard... I was excited. The act was getting on... He started pulling my hair and talking dirty to me, he knew I love this.

"Look at me!" he shouted, "I am going to make you scream my name all night! I am going to blow your mind!". His voice was so deep and vicious, almost like a '60s singer.

"I will do whatever you want me to... I'll be good" I answered in a soft voice.

"You are most certainly going to, you're a good girl. You don't want to be a bad girl, we all know what happens to bad girls now, do we?". He was so sexy doing his game, I enjoyed every second of it.

He ordered me to stand with my back to him. I complied to his instructions. "Good girl", he whispered to my ear as he was slapping my buttocks. He was getting hard and I felt it... So naughty, so naughty...

His strong and hard hand was slapping my buttocks as he moaned of pleasure. With every slap, I felt that I deserved it, I wanted more and more!

He started telling me again the most interesting and womanizing words - "I know that every guy drools over you, isn't it true? You're like a princess, I noticed that. I am going to make you feel pleasure, enjoy pleasure, want more and more pleasure!". He grabbed my thighs and started kissing me on my back. His hands started playing all over my body. All of my senses became active as I was laying back and enjoying the show. He knows exactly what to do with a London BDSM escort.

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