Intensely pleasurable


London BDSM escorts? Yes... they are a lot of fun if you know how to deal with them. That slap on the buttocks made such an incredible sound. He's sitting here on my lap and I know how he feels, I can see by the grin on his excited face. My arm is burning and I like it. I bite my lip as I like the way he treats me. He was facing me and he had such a dirty look in his eyes. I could hear the air that was gasping from his lungs desperately, his abdomen contracted against my thighs. I felt the spit on my half-parted lips... I was helpless. I had an exhausted pleasure! I felt his warm breath on my face, on my neck... on my thighs... There was something inexplicable, I felt like I could do anything. There was so much freedom, we both knew we were giving and taking power. His eyes were hungry, he was hungry for my body. I was hungry for his body too; Imagine this tension floating in the air. He started pushing his buttocks into my hand as he started moaning with his eyes closed. I squeezed him so hard!! My left hand was on his ribs and my right hand was on his waist. He was smiling and I could actually feel how happy he was. I asked him if he wants another glass of wine... He tried to answer, but I interrupted him - "NO! You don't deserve it... yet...". I threw him a dirty look, he was getting even more aroused if that's even physically possible. I got up on my feet and I felt how he was looking at my ass, he was enjoying every moment of it. I went to pour myself a glass of red wine and returned to bed. He was waiting for me with a helpless look. I winked at him as I took a sip of that fantastic wine. We started getting dirty back again, his slaps were so hard and exciting. The room was filled with pleasure. He didn't hesitate to give me his best, he was such an amazing lover. All of my dirty fantasies were his dirty fantasies too, but it didn't take too long to share them.. it was such a relief.

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