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I was already thinking how can I make my day in London a bit more enjoyable and have a lot of fun, well at least my type of fun. Decided to text a friend of mine wich I usually meet with, just to see how he was and to my pleasant surprise he seemed in the same situation like me. After a short conversation on the phone we decided to meet at my place later.
In about 2 hours or so, he arrived and I invited him in the living room. We sat, talking for some time about what happened since last time and at some point while reaching for my drink from the table I managed to spill it all over my pretty dress. Went to the bathroom, took it off and tried washing it, but didn't realise that the door behind me wasn't totally closed. I could see my young beautiful toned body in the mirror and big boobs, as I don't normally wear a bra, they are big, round and already began being 'awake'. I was already having a sense of adventure earlier that day and since I was in that mood, I moved and sat on the edge of the bathtub and begin playing with myself totally forgetting about Matt was still in the house. I saw a shadow in front of the door and suddenly I went to see what it was. Matt was watching me this whole time, with his cock hard and by the look in his eyes I could realise instantly how horny he was. I didn't knew how to react, because this thoughts of mine weren't about him so I asked him if he was watching this whole time, at wich he replied yes. I didn't knew what to do honestly, so I walked sensually to him and said that I wanted to suck his cock if he has the courage of accomplishing his wild dreams. I pulled him inside the bathroom and we started kissing eachother really passionately, sat on my knees and began sucking his cock while gently tickling his balls. Suddenly, he lift me, turn me over and pulled me on top of him while he sat on the chair from the corner. Started pounding me really hard, while kissing me on my back and playing with one finger around my other spot. I felt every movement of his, going deeper and deeper inside me, and at one point I told him he can play everyway he wants. So he stopped, and slowly I could feel the tip of his still rock hard cock entering in my upper level. The pleasure was so intense, that it made me forget about everything, after a while I felt he was all inside me and I kept saying him not to stop.
Just before he was ready to cum, I turned and let him do it on my round breasts, the look in his eyes was something I can't describe...

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