A perfect evening


Thomas was one of the favourite men I knew. Tall and sexy, in his mid 30's. We were seeing each other for some time
and he always liked to surprise me. And oh... how good he was at this. That day I received a call that he wanted to visit me the next day. I sensed how horny Thomas was, by the dirty but yet charming words spoken to me on the phone. We met by half past 9 at the restaurant. He was a gentleman when going out with a lady, but trust me - in the bedroom he knew exactly what to do, the perfect type that all the ladies adore. As I walked in the restaurant, I noticed him sitting at the table and waiting. He instantly saw me and winked at me with a sexy smile on his face. I blushed, I couldn't help myself.
There were flowers on the table waiting for me like he always enjoys giving me. We kissed and started talking. The dinner was absolutely delicious, he knew that was one of my favourite restaurants in London. Being dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, I started feeling my spine shivering the minute I saw him.
We had a great dinner with sweet little giggles and sexy innuendos. After the dinner, we took a walk on the streets of London, the weather was perfect. The huge moon was lighting our way, it was just like a movie scene. After a 20-minute healthy walk full of kinky things, we finally got to the hotel room.
We couldn't lay eyes off each other ... WOW! He started undressing me with his teeth, it was such a sexy thing... I was helpless. He started kissing me on the neck, then as he went down he kissed my gorgeous breasts and finally started to kiss me down.... AH! He knew what to do in the bed to make a girl happy, and he was ready to go the extra mile for me. I started giving him the same back, he tilted his head back. He was enjoying the intense pleasure I was giving him. We had such an intense encounter 'till we were drained of energy... We were both happy and smiling. He knew what to do with a 24 hour London escort like myself.. although he never thought of me particulary in that way . And I felt about him the same way - he was something different.

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