A night to remember


It's was the perfect evening with a bright sky full of shining stars. We rather loved to think about it as the night was still young, even if the clock was arguing with us. This wasn't going to be our first encounter of this type, as he is one person that I've been knowing for quite a while now. He is so complex, I can't even describe him properly.

He has a rebel personality, he always knows what to say and how to act like a gentleman. Passionate and stylish, always wears fashionable clothing and knows how to react and what to say in any given situation. He is like the unconvetional, charming Bond type and I always liked meeting up with him again and again.

Being one of the 24 hour London escorts I always got to meet a lot of people - some more interesting then the others. This guy definitely caught my attention in a special way. This evening, I came to his place and he was waiting for me with a surprise romantic dinner.
The music was playing, I believe it was Frank Sinatra singing - so it was perfect. He was throwing me dirty looks full of sexual lust and charm. I really couldn't wait to get into bed with him, he truly earned this already. We dined together and then started to dance. It wasn't the regular situation, he became more interested in my person, I couldn't believe it!
After we danced to the same type of music, I felt so good and I was constantly smiling and laughing, genuinely enjoying the time. We kissed and instantly I could feel his semi-erect organ. We started kissing wild and undressing each other, he knew how to be the perfect lover. As we were undressing each other, he pulled out the gold and black condom... It's always a pleasure to see that type of condom, he was given a huge... "talent". And oh, how well he knows to use it. His huge member and personality, absolutely charming!
We started making out and his playlist changed the tune. Some sexual - romantic music came up, you could feel the passion floating in the air. We made steamy sex with sparkles and little stars. It was poetic!
He is passionate in the bed too, caressing my breasts, sometimes giving me a slap on the buttocks and kissing my neck. His hot breath on my neck was getting me more and more aroused, I loved it so much! We couldn't stop for almost 2 hours. It was brilliant, not too little, not too much, just perfect! After, we spooned and I enjoyed the big smile on his face. He was satisfied now... Mmmm. Ready for more ?

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