Secret Encounter


We stopped at the hotel bar for a coffee. The hotel we've chosen was a bit aside from all the city's crowded places, so we could enjoy even more privacy of our own. When we arrived, he went for the key. Our room was at the 5th floor, We entered in the elevator, he pressed the button and then it was almost like an eternity untill the door closed behind us. Even the space was big enough, I almost felt I couldn't breath, as my emotions were going high. Suddenly, he turned around and face me and I was starting to get hotter and hotter, as he had this sensual look. He took me in his arms, while my feet started to shiver and my body was responding to his touch. I was counting the seconds to arrive in the room, as I felt so arosed only from his simple touch.
We exit the elevator holding our hands and we managed to get into the room. Once inside, he started kissing me very passionately while I've put my arms around him, as I had this desire of feeling him so close to me, His tongue was magical. We stand by the wall, while he was continuing to kiss me.. his hands started exploring my body. I wanted to take off all my clothes, but instead I let him continue, He unbuttoned my bra, and my boobs where really enjoying this moment as well. We started undressing each other, while kissing and we ended up naked in the bedroom. He lied me down the bed and while the kissing and touching didn't stopped, he put his head between my legs. His fingers started to enter in my pussy as well while his tongue was making me scream of pleasure. I was feeling I was going to explode, and in fact, I guess that's what he wanted..until I couldn't hold it anymore and I CUM for the first time..that's when he stopped.. I turned and came on top of him, to feel his scent, explore his body, as I wanted very badly to return him the favour..I sat on my knees and taking his hard cock in my hands I started licking it on it's whole length. Watching me doing that he pushed slowly my head so I could take it in my mouth. It was delicious, I continued to suck him until I felt he is ready to cum...I stopped and got on top of him, so I can really feel him inside.

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