Fantasy meeting


I remember this episode and..begin shivering only by thinking about it..

I pulled his hand and push him in the middle of the living room and I start undressing him passionately..kneel in front of him, remove his pants while I kiss him, slowly bite his soft skin and touching his hard member. He takes my hands and pulls me up and starts kissing like he would want to punish me..I turn with my back, with my hands on the table..while he grabs me from my boobs, my boobs are larger then most of the girls and he really seems to enjoy them. He starts kissing my nipples one by one and then continues to lick them all over..he lies me on the table and goes down under my legs. A slap on my ferm ass makes me shout of pleasure, but he wants me to keep quiet...His fingers are trying to make space between my buttocks and he suddenly starts licking my wet pussy. I could feel his tongue everywhere...and then came a if he was wishing to see how wet and ready I was for him. Because of my position, I couldn't but just enjoy his every movement, being unable to use my hands nor my lips..His finger slowly touches my clit and another is making his way in..

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