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5 reasons why London escorts like shopping Sat, 20 Jun 2015 15:07:17 +0000 As much as girls like shopping, men hate this activity. Statistics show that most men shop only reluctantly and often at the last minute, but London escorts are drawn to shopping and they are willing to spend hours walking in department stores and prowling through malls until it eventually becomes tedious. It is not a surprise that “women love to shop” is one of the oldest stereotypes. Although they do not always need a reason to go shopping, here are the top five reasons why our they adore shopping.

5. Girls like sales and discount offers.

When they hear about sales and discount offers, women will start acting like they are under a spell. Boards like “clearance sale”, “buy one, get one free” and “50% off” will make girls shop even more and they will buy things even if they do not actually need them. Of course that any babe will get crazy once she hears the word “sale”. You never have enough shoes or handbags.

Being confused about the clothes that they already have is not something uncommon. Many ladies are not happy with the clothes that they wear. They will always find at least one flaw to their clothes and, despite the fact that their wardrobe is overloaded, they will still have nothing to wear. As a consequence, they really have to go
shopping. And it is a good chance to benefit of sales!

4. Gorgeous London escorts appreciate new things.

Women’s need for variety, diversification, surprise, challenge and unpredictability will be satisfied, fulfilled and accomplished through shopping. Malls and stores are overloaded with stimulants: colors, commercials, textures, window dressings, appealing prices, fashion trends and numerous others.When they go shopping, women get to touch, hear and smell what surrounds them and they will be stimulated to spend more time in there and buy more. Furthermore, they get in contact with many people, they smile to the cashier and they talk with other women about clothes and trends, which will only make them happier.
Being up to fashion and trends is mandatory for London escorts who value themselves, so they always need new clothes, shoes and purses. Keeping up to fashion is what makes most privileged women different from ordinary middle-class women. Sometimes is hard to stay current with an image that repeatedly changes, but the retailers and advertisers will constantly create national appetite for consumption and London escorts will want to buy more new things.

3. Girls reward themselves shopping.


They do not go shopping only when they are bored, upset or depressed. They often reward themselves with a new jewelry or a new pair of fancy shoes when they succeed something or when they accomplish a new goal. Losing weight is certainly a reason to celebrate with a new trendy dress, so women will go shopping again. A new shirt that perfectly complements the silhouette is a great present that women make themselves when it is their birthday.
A Ladies eye are always looking for smart, trendy and fashionable things when they are in a store. Even though they are just passing by, they will find something that will draw their attention and they will want to purchase that thing because it is perfect. Regardless if it is something needed in their home, for their spouse or for them, buying this item will offer them a sense of satisfaction.

2. Hot babes like to feel in charge.

Commercials and advertises are meant to make women feel responsible and in charge. Back in time, a few decades ago, when women did not even have the right to vote, the advent of women shopping in stores gave women a chance to participate in a considerable economic activity. They were stimulated to come to the shops for conversation, pleasure and numerous new, beautiful things. In time, sitting-rooms for women have been opened and they were asked, for the very first time, what women want. They did not just come and buy things; they were encouraged to make their own choices and they appreciated this feeling. They felt in charge and women still feel that way when they go shopping.
Today women feel in charge when having to choose a certain dress, a color or a texture. Then they feel powerful and in control when they finally choose the items they want to buy and hand over their credit card at the cash register. Feeling able to purchase the new clothes and shoes will make women feel fantastic and they will sure be eager to repeat this experience. Who needs love when there is a thing called shopping?

1. Girls like to look great all the time.


Certain dress, skirt, shoes or jewels will help women feel special, unique and important hence they really have to buy it, especially in the case of London escorts, they must look at their best all the time. Shopping will help them feel more noticeable and in the spotlight, while wearing a newly purchased dress with a glamorous pair of high-heeled shoes will make them feel more attractive. Going shopping will make the girls feel significant and they will get to purchase all those clothes and accessories that will help them look great all the time, no matter the event or moment of the day.
The truth is that shopping satisfies an important need of girls. It helps them feel confident, powerful and safe. The need for safetyis fulfilled once they know that malls, stores, online shops and boutiques will always exist! For somebody whose life can be changed by important transitions and events such as relocation, changing jobs and breakups, shopping is a relaxing activity that offers stability.
Though they want to appear fashionable all the time and they often go shopping because of this reason, the London escorts should not become addicted. Shopping can develop into an addiction and this adorable girls will no longer control their impulses. Although it certainly is an entertaining way to spend their spare time or to enhance their appearance, girls should make sure they are always in control.

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Buddha-Bar Sat, 20 Jun 2015 14:49:36 +0000 If you are looking for the perfect lavish contemporary bar to meet with a friend,  business partner or to take out your London escorts , than Buddha-Bar in Knightsbridge is the perfect choice. This restaurant with pan-Asian cuisine, delicious champagne and tasty foods has an intimate eastern décor that is inspired by oriental temples. The music reminds of an exotic atmosphere, while the overall ambiance is sophisticated and lavish.  It is the best place to go for business meetings, but having dinner with your amazing London escorts in this wonderful place will certainly be memorable. Buddha-Bar offers an unforgettable experience that will delight all five senses. The first opening of Buddha-Bar took place in 1997, when the venue located in Paris quickly became one of the most famous venues. The chic nightclub vibe, pan-Asian Menu and lovely music created a best-selling record label that promised a rapid ascent. Soon after that, Buddha-Bar restaurants were opened in Moscow, Monte Carlo, Manila, Mexico City, Jakarta, Prague, Dubai, Washington and London.

A sophisticated and lavish venue


Buddha-Bar London is just 2 minutes’ walk from Knightsbridge Tube Station. This lavish restaurant was modeled as the original Paris establishment with the same name. Being a great venue for romantic meetings and entertaining parties, it can be a great place to meet with your business partners too. The décor is stunning, with the main room dominated by an enormous statue of Buddha. At one end of this venue there is a sushi bar, while on the balcony is another bar.

A Zen-like setting in the heart of London

This space is very large and it can host many different parties. Although the venue is impressive and sophisticated, it makes you feel comfortable and taking the afternoon tea in this amazing restaurant will certainly offer you a delighting experience. This Zen-like setting in the heart of London has many tasty dishes on the Menu, from Crunchy sushi, Tuna tataki, Yellowtail kisame and spicy mango to Chicken satay, spicy salmon maki and Vietnamese vegetable rolls that will enchant your taste buds so much, that you will be eager to come back here again.

If you want an exclusive culinary experience, Buddha-Bar with its Japanese, Chinese and Thai flavours is a place that you must visit and we are sure your chosen London escorts will be totally impressed. Having a 450 person capacity and an uncompromising style, Buddha-Bar can hold thrilling parties where the live chill-out music and breathtaking atmosphere will ensure a great experience that will linger in your memory for a long time. Though the recipes and dishes are what attract the visitors to this incredible venue, the inspired cocktail mixes should not be ignored either. The signature cocktails and contemporary creations will slowly free your mind of all your worries and you will become happier and joyful soon after tasting these delicious drinks.

A striking colonial style with a touch of baroque


The basement level is an oriental restaurant, while at the upper-mezzanine level is the bar. The screen wall made of breeze blocks and the curtain made of metal Buddhas contribute to the unique décor and oriental ambiance.The dining rooms in Buddha-Bar are decorated in striking colonial style with a touch of baroque that provide a perfect lavish decor. More than 140 bronze Buddha figures look over the main first floor restaurant. The amber lighting, luxurious furniture and Japanese and Chinese art evoke the mysterious charm of exotic Asia and entice the visitors like an oasis in the desert.

Regardless if you book a table at Buddha-Bar London for a morning coffee, a business lunch, a nice meeting with your friends or a late night party with a great London escort, you will certainly enjoy your adventure in this stylish venue. The romantic atmosphere is maintained by the musical accompaniment, while your eyes will be enchanted by the sumptuous decorations. Business elite, intellectuals and show business stars who appreciate the taste of life come to Buddha-Bar when they wish to go through a new adventure.

Buddha-Bar will indulge the guests with the intimate dining experience

The lush décor details and dark colors predominant in Buddha-Bar will make you feel like you are in somebody else’s fantasy. For a private dining, both private and business guests can indulge with an intimate dining experience. Although the room is private, the ambiance will remind you of the vibrancy and elegance of Buddha-Bar. Up to 20-300 guests can serve the lunch and dinner in this outstanding place that will offer an impeccable customized dining experience.  You will feel like a celebrity as soon as you pass through the grandiose entrance. The stair case is certainly a master piece, while the hanging crystal dragons and the colours in the opulent dining room will ensure a remarkable day.
Buddha-Bar in London is the perfect venue for conferences and meetings. This mesmerizing place offers audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet access that are required for any trade and corporate conferences. If you have to organize an audio-visual presentation or a smaller meeting, you can be certain that the experts at Buddha-Bar are experienced at planning such events in this glamorous and stylish environment.
However, regardless of the reason and the moment when you arrive at Buddha-Bar, the delicious blend of Far Eastern Cuisine with Western influences and flavors will offer you a charming dining experience. This lavish and impressive venue inspired by oriental temples will make you feel pampered, yet comfortable, while the relaxing music will transport you on foreign realms. You will benefit of an exclusive dining affair if you come here with your London escorts, but the place will impress you even if you come here to celebrate with your friends.

Buddha-Bar in London is a sophisticated and lavish venue that you must visit for the crispy sushi and great Asian fusion. Whether you attend to this stylish restaurant for a special occasion or to have lunch with your business partners, the atmosphere, recipes and music will ensure a feast for all your senses.

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Betty Tue, 16 Jun 2015 00:58:31 +0000 One of the most amazing NEW busty babes Betty.

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London Escorts and The Dorchester Hotel Tue, 16 Jun 2015 00:48:02 +0000 The epitome of the glamorous luxury

If you look for a prestigious, luxurious and exclusive five-star hotel where to spend your holiday in style, or have an amazing night with one of the London escorts, then The Dorchester Hotel will show you what exclusive truly means. The Dorchester Hotel in London is located in prestigious Mayfair and overlooks the wonderful Hyde Park. Offering a Michelin-starred restaurant, delicious breakfast, exceptional afternoon tea and sumptuous rooms amazingly decorated, The Dorchester is the best accommodation for guests who appreciate luxury and style.
The Dorchester Hotel is the epitome of the glamorous luxury. Since its opening in 1931, it has been closely associated with the rich and famous. This sophisticated building was hunted by artists and writers such as Somerset Maugham, Cecil Day-Lewis and Alfred Munnings, but during the Second World War it gained the reputation of being one of London’s safest buildings. When she was a princess, Queen Elisabeth II attended the Dorchester in the same day when her engagement with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was announced. Many models, rock stars and other celebrities frequently stayed in this hotel, which was remodeled for a few times throughout time.

An accommodation where everything is perfect

The hotel as we know it today displays a subtle amalgam of styles due to the fact that numerous designers were involved in its remodeling. Oliver Ford, Oliver Messel, Alberto Pinto and William Curtis Green are only some of the famous designers who left their mark on Dorchester’s design. The 250 rooms and suites wonderfully modeled rise to the 9th floor and more than 100 of them have a view to Hyde Park.
Deluxe Rooms are suited to guests who want to stay at Dorchester Hotel for a long period of time. The interior’s rooms have king-size beds, generous working area and spacious walk-in wardrobes. The Irish linen sheets that cover the four poster beds evoke luxury, while the cherry wood furnishings inspire glamour and elegance. The bathrooms are very spacious and the bath tubs are made of Italian marble in the Art Deco style, proving that the difference is in the details and that everything has to be perfect, from floors to ceiling.
Stanhope Suites at The Dorchester Hotel provide the glamorous luxury this hotel is renowned for. The suites are inspired by a classic English spirit, the colorful floral elements can be noticed all over the place and the antique furniture allows guests to feel pampered for their entire stay. Having a four poster bed and benefiting of natural daylight, the suite is notably luxurious and has a wide sitting room with cozy seating and furnishings that enchant the eye. With marble en-suite bathrooms that are stylish and remarkable, Stanhope Suites at Dorchester Hotel will certainly amaze each and every guest.


If you want to spend a few days in exceptional grace and comfort, Oliver Messel Suite at The Dorchester Hotel is the best accommodation for your taste. This gorgeous suite is decorated with antique style furniture, touches of gold and bright florals throughout the entire place. It bursts with light and colour, inspiring luxury and comfort. Numerous celebrities selected Oliver Messel Suite for their stay in London. Sylvester Stallone, Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope and Noel Coward are only some of the rich and famous who enjoyed the glamour and comfort of this wonderful suite. We are sure your chosen London escorts will also be delighted to accompany you at this location.


The service at The Dorchester Hotel is courteous, diplomatic and up to speed. The award winning restaurants and bars are run by most welcoming teams and everyone will be treated like a celebrity in this remarkable accommodation. If you wish to delight your taste buds with finest contemporary French cuisine, you should come to Alan Ducasse at The Dorchester. If you prefer pastries, bite size cakes, Champagne, Spa cocktails and tasty nibbles, you will adore The Spatisserie. For the finest grill food in London, you have to come to The Grill at The Dorchester. But if you want to be delighted with the best and most authentic Cantonese food outside China, you should reserve at table at China Tang at The Dorchester Hotel.
The stunning décor of Alan Ducasse at The Dorchesteris designed in light coffee and cream colours, with natural materials such as leather, cotton and wood that offer a bespoke dining experience. But the jewel of the restaurant is the private room known as “Table Lumiere”, which is surrounded by 4,500 shimmering fiber optics that amazingly drop from the ceiling. In addition to this, the Puiforcat silverware, Hermes china and Saint-Louis crystal inspire class and elegance to the entire venue.
The Promenade is spectacular and tranquil retreat where you should enjoy The Dorchester’s legendary afternoon teas. This dining room has a lavish interior designed by Thierry Despont and offers more than 20 different tea blends together with a remarkable range of sweet and delicious treats. If you want to start your day at The Dorchester in an indulgent way, having breakfast at The Promenade is a must.
But if you want to end your day in style, you should have a drink or two in The Bar at The Dorchester. This fashionable and buzzy central meeting place has delighted the taste buds of rich and famous for decades. The Bar is the perfect venue to see and be seen. Having a glamorous and nearly opulent interior with a classy palette that mixes mirrored glass and velvet with luxurious lacquered mahogany and sophisticated red glass-spears, this place offers one of the finest selections of wines, champagnes and spirits in London, thus being the perfect spot to end your day.

The Dorchester Spa is definitely an exclusive pampering destination for all guests who want to benefit of Luxury Treatments. Whether you need to spend some time in the aromatic steam rooms, in a sleek relaxation room or you want to rejuvenate your skin with anti-ageing techniques that deliver amazing results, The Dorchester Spa will indulge your body, heart and soul.
The Dorchester in London is the perfect lavish place to stay for a few days or if you wish to be delighted, especially with some of the most amazing London escorts. Whether you come here for several hours or for a few days, you will fully understand why The Dorchester is the epitome of the glamorous luxury.

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tue, 16 Jun 2015 00:38:19 +0000 An enjoyable experience

One of the best luxury hotels in the world is located in Knightsbridge, London. Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a five-star hotel housed in an historic Edwardian-style building. Although this building firstly opened its doors as Hyde Park Hotel more than one hundred years ago, in 1996 Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group purchased this hotel. It followed a complete renovation and only in the year 2000 Mandarin Oriental Hotel had its grand opening.
Before becoming Hyde Park Hotel, this building hosted an exclusive “Gentleman’s Club”. The first plans included a 100 feet, but the project was approved for a building of just 60 feet. Today the building stands 60 feet, but it has 168 guestrooms, 26 individually-decorated suites, 2 restaurants, indoor pool, conference center, fitness center and many other facilities that are required in any 5-star hotel that wants to offer an enjoyable experience and tip-top services to their guests.

An enticing blend of luxury, style and elegance


Mandarin Oriental Hotel offers an enticing blend of luxury, style and elegance. Because it has two of the best restaurants in London, it is the accommodation where many tourists and famous people choose to spend their nights. Lucy Liu, Sir Peter Blake, Morgan Freeman, Christian Louboutin, Kevin Spacey, Liam Neeson and Bryan Ferry are only some of the celebrities who enjoy being the guests of this high class hotel. The rooms and suites are elegantly decorated in English sumptuous style and they exude comfort and class. Having views over Hyde Park, to the hotels’ courtyard or over Knightsbridge, it will sure improve relaxation.
The elegant Courtyard Rooms have views over the inner courtyard. They are beautifully decorated with carpeted floors, cream walls and stylish upholstered armchairs that will make guests feel at home. Because the windows are covered with heavy silk curtains, they provide a dreamy ambiance. The leather-topped desk, dark wood tables and the artwork with scenes of English life contribute to the sense of luxury, while the marble bathrooms with white walls, tiled floors and gorgeous orchid will make guests feel like in a classy Oriental environment.
Hyde Park Rooms have classic designs that allow guests to feel like in a traditional English place. These rooms are individually styled, beautifully coloured and reflecting the perfect blend of Oriental heritage and English luxury. If you enjoy finest things in life, you should book the Royal Suite or one bedroom Presidential Suite. These suites are very large and airy and they are decorated in a fresh, contemporary style that exudes luxurious comfort. If you wish to spend your night in a cozy ambiance with elegant soft sofas, delightful chandelier and open fireplace, these suites from Mandarin Oriental Hotel are your best option.

An exclusive place with the most delicious recipes

If you look for an exclusive place to eat the most delicious British recipes, the Dinner by Heston Bluementhal is the perfect spot. Being one of the most celebrated restaurants, Dinner by Heston Bluementhal is showered with accolades and its interior is decorated with natural materials such as iron, wood and leather. This stylish yet contemporary place has glass walls opening up unto the kitchen so the visitors can admire the restaurant’s innovative spit roast pulley system that was inspired after a model used in the royal court. You can book a table or you can select the spacious yet secluded dining room for 10 people, if you wish to benefit of more privacy.
Dinner’s private room is adorned with rust coloured leather-clad walls and traditional wood-beamed ceiling that provide an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The stylish dining chairs are covered in cobalt blue fabric that will make guests feel pampered. But if you want to take a closer look to what happens in Dinner’s busy kitchen, you can reserve Chef’s table found in a semi-private space opposite the kitchen.
Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel always offers an amazing dining experience. If you enjoy French recipes that look, smell and taste delicious, Bar Boulud is the best place to spend your Sunday in style. This chic bistro is decorated with modern materials such as leather, cork and wood, but it certainly impresses with the zinc topped bar, the sleek open kitchen and oversized bottles of wine. How about eating the tastiest French recipes while
watching the talented chefs at work? Can you find a more interesting way to dine in a wonderful bistro?

Unwind in style at Mandarin Oriental Hotel


Having a cool and contemporary design, a chic interior and sophisticated atmosphere, Mandarin Bar will allow you to unwind in style during any evening of the week. This venue is actually one of London’s most popular nightspots. Due to the fact it is placed around a rectangular marble-topped bar that looks just like a fashionable catwalk, many partygoers come here to serve vintage and non-vintage champagnes and wines, soft drinks and delicious cocktails. If you enjoy chic interiors decorated with style and if you and your friends wish to indulge in a venue with glass tables, brown leather armchairs and high backed bar stools, Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel will fulfill your desire.
After a hard night partying in style at Mandarin Bar you will certainly need to relax for a few hours in a luxurious haven of wellbeing. Spending just a couple of hours at the spa in Mandarin Oriental Hotel will rejuvenate and indulge even the most pretentious guests. This five-star experience is perfect to begin your personal journey to spiritual and physical harmony. You will be pampered in the amethyst crystal steam rooms, the Zen colour therapy will help you free your mind of all the worries and the vitality pool will replenish your energy.
If you have some free time before an important meeting, you have to serve an extravagant Afternoon Tea in The Rosebery at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Whether you arrive to this magnificent place for just a couple of hours or for several days, you will certainly have an enjoyable experience at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

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Hottest season Tue, 16 Jun 2015 00:27:43 +0000 Summer season is near the corner and some of the hottest babes are arriving now! Alma, Adelle or Soraya are just couple of the latest girls that joined the gallery. Slim, young and extremely sexy they will not only amaze you with their stunning looks, but also welcome you in a league of their own. Call the reception today and arrange your dream booking with one of the amazing London escorts.

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Brian review for Nessia Sun, 14 Jun 2015 01:46:35 +0000 Where was this girl hidden ? Maybe I should scroll slower from now. Nessia is great, very open-minded and kinky in every possible way. Will definitely meet her soon again.

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Andra Thu, 11 Jun 2015 23:25:22 +0000 One of the latest brunette babes available into our gallery is Andra. Slim brunette, with a sexy petite frame and a gorgeous smile.
This adorable young girl is really as sweet as it gets matching her adventurous side as well.

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Georg review for Kylie Thu, 11 Jun 2015 01:45:36 +0000 As norm for new girls I book 30mins firstly, but decided to go for a full hour upon my arrival. She looks great and made me feel fantastic.

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