We went to the cinema


It was one amazing summer day and all I could think about was maybe that day was the day when I could accomplish one more of my secret fantasies. I had to meet one person that I knew for a long time, at cinema that evening, so my mind was already flying on all the possibilities that a ''dark public room'' can bring. As the weather maintained pleasant, I decided to wear one of my beautiful short white skirt, white knickers and a short top that made my bust more gorgeous.

We met in front of the building and walked together into the cinema, it was a beautiful night. Nothing too fancy, nothing too big... We couldn't decide on what movie to watch, as I said that wasn't really the reason why I wanted to go, so we chose a random one.. Well, actually, he was the only one that faced the screen that particular night... if you know what I mean.

The room wasn't filled with people, actually, there were only just a few around. They were in the front seats, me and this gentleman decided that we were going to sit in the back where nobody was around, so we could enjoy a little privacy and why not maybe explore some hidden fantasies. I can't be talking for him, but as for me I always had something for public places.
I always thought, what could possibly be kinkier then doing it in public, with a certain degree of anxiety that everyone could be watching? I think it's one of the best things you could possible try, talking about this. The risk of getting caught will make your adrenaline pump your heart faster and faster, making the act even more intensely pleasureable and better in many ways.

I decided to take the first step after a while when the movie started..so we started kissing in a rather shy way..we advanced to a rough french kiss. He started biting my lip, he knew that arouses me even more. After a few minutes of kissing that went from light to wild, we started touching each other, right there - in the cinema room. He was so crazy and he loved taking risks, that's what fascinated me about him. He pulled my breasts out of my bra right there and he started kissing my breasts and sucking on them... roaaarrr! That really aroused me, so ''okay mister... I'm going to make you scream of pleasure!''

I took his member out of his pants, as it was already trying to 'break-through' and started playing with my hands all around it. I could feel his enthusiasm as I touched his strong wooden-like member and he started smiling and his whole face was full of this sexy grin. I continued to do so for a couple of minutes with one hand while with the other I began slowly touching myself. I gave him the best oral wich made him moan.. seeing him trying not to make noise so we don't get caught..was exciting me even more. I moved slowly from my chair and put myself between his open feet. My deep throath skills didn't let me down while moving towards licking his member on it's entire length..in every possible way.

The movie was quite intense with lots of noises in the background and a lot of action in it, so while everyone was paying attention to it in, we made our own movie... So even we didn't win an Oscar, we weren't too far.. Haha!

I was getting more wet then ever and my small ''missy'' was burning of desire to get something inside. His cock was like waiting also for this moment so when I climbed on top of him, I felt I am going to explode of pleasure right there. I was positioned with my back to the screen and all the other people, almost shouting and gasping of pleasure as much as the sound of the movie. I 'rode' him for couple of minutes while he took me higher and higher on the edges of pleasure. It was an incredible experience and I wanted it to last more and more. When I felt he was about to 'cum' I took it in my mouth and allowed him shortly after, to fill my beautiful boobs with all his strength.

We continued to watch the movie in the hope that no-one noticed what we had done and tried to appear as normal possible.

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