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The perfect stranger


Being a young beautiful London escort I adore shopping making as much time as possible for this hobby. I just like wondering around shops finding the perfect night dresses which I enjoy wearing each time I go to a night out, a special dinner, private functions or events and even when travelling abroad. This day I was wearing a sexy pair of blue jeans, black high heels with a simple top, a leather jacket and my favourite hand bag. I decided to wake up earlier than normal getting all dressed up for the day that was coming. One of my friends had invited me to join him in his travels, which included being in a location which had a sunny beach; so I wanted to look for couple of sexy bikini outfits that would show my gorgeous body and make him also proud being in my company.
I got into a cab and began my venture in a well known busy street in central London. There are many shops where you can find whatever you need; from the high-end fashion designers to the high street shops. It didn't took me long to find what I was looking for, faster than expected, so I said to myself because it was such an amazing day to go in one of my favourite places for a coffee before I meet with my girl mate, which happened to be at that time in around 30 minutes. As I was walking down the street and my attention was being distracted by a pair earrings from a window shop, I happened to 'bump' into someone by mistake and drop my shopping bags. It took me a moment to realise what just happened and wanted to grab my things when I see this sexy man wearing a grey suit with black shoes looking at me and with a soft voice he said: ' Are you ok ? '; Well now, even though I was still a bit dizzy, by seeing him I just replied briefly: 'Yes, thank you'. He was feeling bad and so he offered to take me for a coffee and make me relax. I just couldn't say no; I was going for the coffee by myself anyway, but now being in such great company was even better.
We got to know a bit about each other, his name was Karl; Karl couldn't been older than 28, tall with a great smile having a natural charm that just needed to be explored more. He mentioned that he was coming from a meeting and was going to meet one of his friends, but decided that I was more important at that time..that's the first 'wow' about him. It was just something about him different and by all means by coincidence, that had me fascinated and fantasising already about him..that and I already saw his hands were considerably bigger than mine..that's the second 'wow'. In all this, I forgot even why I was there in the first place and that I had to meet my friend in about 30minutes. My phone ran out of battery, normally it would be a sign of panic for me, but not in his presence.
Being a gorgeous escort in London and having lots of friends around central, I remember that not far from there I had a friend working as a manager to a well known luxury hotel. I've asked him, without him having any idea what my dirty plays were running through my mind, if he could accompany me to the hotel I was staying and help me with my shopping bags. He didn't hesitate to answer, so we went to hotel. Upon arrival, I spoke with my friend that arranged me a room there and then and off we went in the elevator. Now, don't think that I was the only one having all this adventurous and playful thoughts in my mind. I already sensed him that he was undressing me only with his eyes. He played the role well, but being one of the escorts in London has many more advantages, one is spotting very easily someone that fancies you more than usually.
We arrived in the room and as I was still pretending to be staying there, I've ask him to wait in the first room leaving the sliding doors from the bedroom slightly open. Now it was time for me to see if he really is what is pretending to be. I stayed in a spot where I knew he is going to see me and started undressing slowly in a sexy way. I was staying with my back on him, but having a mirror on the nearby wall, I could see his every move..'Yes I am a teaser ! no excuse'..but back to the story, I took off firstly my bra playing with it around my body. His eyes were getting bigger and bigger watching me. I bended little bit to take off my white knickers out ..that's the moment I felt he couldn't keep it anymore and so with a sexy voice I've asked him: 'Would you care helping me little bit ? I can't seem to find something'. He Entered in the room, almost not believing what was happening in front of him; I said that if he can bring me the other pair of knickers and my bra and then he may go out. He approached me from my back and slightly touched his body to mine. Firstly I thought maybe he grabbed the TV remote control and putted it in his pants, but no, that was his solid cock, which I was quick to grab with the back of my hand, pushed it outside and started to play with it. The escorts in London may know a lot of tricks, but mine were even better. I started sensually kissing him while massaging his cock while his clothes were coming down one by one. I turned with my bum in the right place, he joined me and what followed it's better to be left to everyone's imagination..but the escorts in London may be just the best yet.

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