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I would like to tell you about one of my experiences when I had to travel outside London. Being a escort here for some time, I can call it my home now. I adore everything there is about this amazing city, the clubs and bars, fine restaurants and of course as everyone else shopping.
So I was invited to go in southern Spain and meet someone that I knew from before. It was a 3 days trip and as I like travelling a lot, I just couldn't say no. I went out shopping for the nicest swim wear outfits and other essentials.
I arrived there and I was waited by Mike. He was so handsome, all this time we haven't seen each other he got better and better. We went to the hotel to prepare for the first night out. All happened so fast, that I almost forgot how good Mike was in bed. Seeing him in person, made me even more hornier, especially being there. He knew how to talk and make a girl feel really special.
I decided that I should wear a turquoise dress. It was kind of short, barely covering my sexy butt cheeks. We went to a restaurants just by the sea side to enjoy our first dinner after such a long time. Being a London escort has its benefits and Mike was surely surprised also to see me look so stunning. I could sense in his eyes that he was just as hungry as I was for him. After we spent some time there, the night was still young and now after almost 1 bottle of wine, I was in the state desired. I gently slipped my foot between his legs only to feel his solid cock. At the beginning he was a bit surprised and so I continued to massage his crotch gently. I could see he was getting more aroused by the whole scene and was getting more into the moment. Being already in the early hours of the morning, the beach wasn't exactly full. So I've asked if we could find a place just for the two of us and he said he knows the perfect place.
We went there and we already couldn't stop kissing each other. London escorts are really special at some things. I was kissing him passionately while his hand slipped under my dress touching my clit. He had such a gentle touch but didn't forget I like getting slapped on my butt cheeks so he did. I kneeled and took his member out and start sucking and kissing it all over. Massaging his nuts gently. My deep throat is amazing and sure he enjoyed that also. We lied on the beach both now naked while his head was now under my legs pleasuring me to the fullest. I shouted and moaned of pleasure, being in such place was something almost out of this world. His cock came into place and I could feel him going deeper and deeper inside me. I started massaging my clit, as I like anal and I was hungry for that also. I turned around and while whispering sensually in his ear ask him to do it. it was such intense that I couldn't help myself but to cum. He was slapping my butt cheeks while doing it and I was rubbing my pussy faster and faster that it made me squirt for the first time. Definitely it's an experience hard to forget and would wait to repeat it sometime soon.

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