Imagine meeting two hot bi girls


She came and opened the door while she was wearing only some shorts and a fit white top. She was looking amazingly sexy and I instantly got hard as fast as she opened the door. It was the first time I was delivering food for her, but that is not the important factor, in fact that's the least important thing that she gave me to remember.

The sexy pierce she had in her belly button was the first sign that she was a kinky girl. Her top was short, so that's why it revealed the belly button and her smoking hot piercing. She smiled at me with a hidden, subtle desire. I didn't knew how to react, so my face started grinning and couldn't react properly! I thought to myself: ''What am I going to do, will she laugh at me, I'm just a delivery boy...'' not good enough for her. She went on and asked me to come in the house for a cup of coffee.

I instantly remember some old sexy videos wich I used to watch, with the delivery boy and the smoking hot girl. ''It couldn't be true!'' I said to myself. That stuff is only in the movies, but as far as I could tell I might've also remembered somebody actually telling me about a similar encounter. My body was getting all aroused just by the thought of it. I wasn't having so much luck with the girls I knew, but there I was and something different was about to happen. I think being in the right place at the right time, has it's rewards.

We went in the living room. The room was very tidy, it had a large sofa on one side a small tv and due to it's size, it actually had another room separated as it had a glass between them, wich allowed for some fitness equipment to fit in the other space. I've also caught a glimpse of a pair of her pink panties thrown somewhere on the blue sofa. I got so hard, that I felt my member will pop out from my pants, so I decided that I needed to sit down. I was blushing thinking only if she notices or if she says something by my behaviour?! I thanked her for being so polite and nice and started sipping from the hot cup of coffee, wich she made me wait for a little while until she brought it over from the kitchen. She was a 1.70 cm tall blonde girl, exactly the type that you see in the magazines and seeing her walking and wondering around the room was quite a view. I guess, we've all been there, by either imagine it or actually happening to us. She was the "up front" kind of girl, quite straight forward and she asked me firstly if I had a girlfriend. Feeling a bit amused in my mind at that time, as I didn't fully understood the purpose, I told her that I didn't have one at the moment.. ( the reality was that the last girlfriend I had been with then was over 10 months ago ). Being stuck with the work and trying to accomplish so many things, wich at some point made me have 3 jobs per week, I didn't really had the time to go and try to find someone that I would've liked to be with. I emphasized also, in my 'then' honesty, that I wished we two met in different circumstances.

After this passed, minutes later we started flirting, wich made me believe that.. maybe this is the a good chance actually to hook up with a smoking hot girl. Her short fit top and fit pants made her look even more stunning. I didn't knew how was that possible or why, but I had to make the decision to move on with it! We flirted and started smiling in a sweet way at each other. I can't tell exactly the amazement that I had when...a couple of minutes later, she decided to make the first move, as expected, and she came next to me and started massaging my crotch. I thought that I would explode! It was really out of this world.

She asked me to relax while slowly she pushed me onto my back and she got up into her feet. Some music was playing in the 'background' although I can't remember wich one was it now and so she started slowly to dance her clothes off. First it was the top, leaving her natural gorgeous breasts come to my eyesight for the first time. They were enormous, I guess due to my emotions I saw them even bigger, now when I am writting this I can still feel exactly what I felt then. She continued to undulate while trying to remove her shorts now, only to leave me more stunned of seeing she didn't wear any knickers. I think the pink ones wich I saw previously were really hers.
She approached me in a sensual way and got on her knees..and she continued by massaging my crotch as I was getting more and more aroused... she liked the fact that I was getting my member so hard, as steel. She mentioned that was the first time when she had done something like that but she likes it very much! I took off my t-shirt while she unzipped my pants. She then started kissing the tip of my cock, while her hand was touching slowly my chest. She seemed to enjoy the moment as much as I did and she started sucking me for 5 good minutes on her knees while I was pulling her hair. We were for sure both horny and playful that afternoon and it felt amazing. From what I could tell, this was only the 'tip of the icerberg', as she sure had a lot of tricks left for me to discover. She suggested that we should close the light and leave the curtains open. The thought of someone watching and seeing us, was making her more aroused then me. Finding myself in that situation, I couldn't but oblige.
I felt the need so hard of returning the favour so I started kissing her all over her body and playing with her clit slowly. She started pushing sensualy my head between her legs and I could feel and hear the passion and the pleasure that she felt. Now I can tell that you might think that it can't get even better then this, but you would be wrong. In all the excitement of that encounter she forgot to mention that she is a true Bi girl and that actually she had a friend upstairs. The other girl, wich I now can describe you as another stunning and amazing blonde hottie, stood silently and watched us for couple of minutes, before she decided to introduce herself and ask if she could join. I thought that I was deluding, having two hot blondies in front of me, both eager to please me and satisfy all my desires. They started kissing each other and touching while I was still between her legs. The whole scene was more then the movies I had seen, it was surreal. She turned her self with the back to me, while continuing to kiss the other blondie, that allowed me to have a full view of her naked behind - It was a great scene.
I've introduced 'myself' into her slowly going deeper and deeper while her moans and gasps became stronger and louder. The other girl started to play with herself and looking at us made her also more excited. She asked if she could got a taste of our juices and so they both started kissing my member and suck it again till I couldn't keep it and 'released it' for the very first time.
It was an amazing day and we helped each other climbing on the 'ladder of pleasure' more and more for some incredible and unforgettable hours.

This happened during my early twenties.. when I worked as a delivery boy. Later in my life, a few months ago, I finally got the pleasure to try this again. After a few ventures on my own, I've decided to meet some of the best London escorts that I found and heard about and upon mentioning this story to some of the most stunning girls, wich was that I had a great hidden and forgotten hot fantasy, I was able to accomplish it all over ago. The same night, I was wearing a delivery boy uniform and was playing with two hotties that were as hungry as I was for more fantasies to remember.

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