Elevator fun


It was a normal day at home, the weather wasn't so great and everything was coming into the usual things.. It was just one of those days that pass so hard and slow.. From the minute I got out of the bed this morning, I felt that this day would be fascinating... But somehow I let myself be distracted and nothing exciting or interesting happened, so I guess my sixth sense doesn't work constantly.. Or maybe my sixth sense was wrong this time only... Or maybe I wasn't wrong and something interesting wasn't going to happen?

I was actually feeling so horny..that I couldn't let my tight pussy having no action.. Nope, that's not for me! I was chatting with a guy on Tinder, he was pretty nice... one of those clubber boys. A really great man, always having a smile on his face, you could feel all the good vibes from a mile... I always like to keep in touch with people I meet, having a very playful and fun-loving attitude it comes naturally and is no wonder why so many people like me in different ways.
So there was me, at home.. trying to figure out what to do. Should I meet this clubber guy or should I look for someone else? My vagina wanted some action, so I wanted to give her some serious "wood"... if you know what I mean... Also, I don't get it what's with men when women get horny, it's like we're not entitled to getting horny and talking dirty every now and then... Like I was saying.. at home, bored and actually... OH! Look at the clock! I need to do something today that will make my day so much happier.

I called the elevator and waited... I finally stepped inside the elevator when I heard - "hold that for me!"... Mmm, okay? That was quite strange, someone else having a day like mine ? Okay.. So there he was, one of the CEOs of a company from the building near my house... A cool guy that I see once in a while, as he lives in the same building I do..on the other hand he definitely is One of the bad guys that every woman falls for. Not bad. He thanked me and threw me a quick sexy wink. Seconds later, and I don't know how is it possible by the way - the elevator stopped and the lights turned off. Oh.. Bad timing, bad timing! I was blushing, obviously... but I started imagining all of those sexy scenes while being in an elevator, could this be one of those dirty movies with doing it into the elevator?

We started making small talk... I can't possibly tell you why, but I started kissing him out of nowhere.

- STOP IT! What are you crazy? He started yelling at me. Oh no... I'm in big trouble... I said to myself.

I couldn't see his facial expression, maybe he was kidding? Oh no.. did he got involved in a serious relationship? Few seconds later, I felt his finger on my vagina... pushing. MMMMMMMMM! That was goodddd! I knew that sexy skirt would eventually get me in trouble one of those days...

- So you're a bad girl, huh? Come on and show me.... He said to me in a sexy deep voice. Okay, now I was hot...

We started undressing each others, in the darkness and laid on the floor... We kissed, and kissed, and kissed... I grabbed his wooden member in my soft hand, he was getting so hard... He started massaging my vagina in a dirty way and I started playing with his member, we were so hot.... I couldn't believe for a seconds it was like I was dreaming and none of it was real... We had one of the hottest quickies ever.. Half an hour later the lights turned on and everything was done... Mmm..

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