Being playful
Lolita is the girl of the Week and surely kno...
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It was in the middle of spring the first time...

Being playful


Lolita is the girl of the Week and surely knows how to raise to this high standard. Blonde, Open minded, amazing in different ways, she ticks all the right boxes and offers an incredible time. Unmatched experience, written below is a list of 3 stories which she heard and liked very much:

''Pretending that a bedroom is a luxury hotel suite and the living room is a lobby. Meeting someone in the lobby as it would be for the first time. After the seduction, it's worth inviting the person into your room and things can be taken from there...but just in case don't forget the toys. ''

'' In order for the secretary to still keep her job, which she always complains of not getting enough from, explain and leave her no choice but to realise that certain things must be done that accompany the role...Being a little teaser who is always trying to entice one with a flirty behaviour, this can lead to many things..''

'' It's always nice to have someone do the cleaning..until the hottest one arrives totally unexpected..Dressed in a sexy maid uniform, room service is definitely on offer and things could get little frisky while wearing nothing underneath''

Events are fictitious by Sofie Knowles

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