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Top 5 London markets

There is no better way to sense the vibrant London life than by visiting the enchanting London markets.Reflecting energy and filling the air with different flavours and perfumes, London markets sell everything from flowers, modern art, food and clothes to antiques and whatever else you might want to purchase. Buying from these markets is the most colourful way to shop in London. Here are the top 5 London markets that you should visit at least once in your life.

5. Portobello Road Market is one of the most famous places in London. On Sundays more than 2,000 stalls will sell everything you might dream about, from books to lace, exotic ingredients, fashion and bric-a-brac. Renowned for the antique products sold here, Portobello is a colourful place where any tourists and London residents will have fun while looking for diverse interesting products.
Thousands of people will come here to select outlandish materials or to purchase vintage clothes. If you are patient enough, you will find in Portobello Rod Market impressive bargains.Be careful and do not cut Portobello short at the Westway. Keep on walking until you hit Golborne Road, because this is the place where you will find the best deals in Portobello Road Market. Eccentric second-hand interior stalls will catch your eye and the beautifully handcrafted pieces will demand to be purchased and taken home.

4. Borough Market is a dazzling food market offering a wide diversity of artisanal munchables. This gourmet’s paradise in London has up to 70 stands and stalls where appealing foods will smell, look and taste delicious. Producers from all over the country come here to sell fresh vegetables, fish, cheeses, meats, ciders, coffees, breads, patisseries and cakes. But in case if you wish to buy products imported from abroad, you will find stands in Borough Market offering what you look for.
The mouth-watering range of fresh food will entice you and you will leave Borough Market loaded with shopping bags. Keep in mind that the marketers sell high quality products and they will not sell cheap their merchandise. You should not miss the pork pies with chopped apple piled on top from Sillfield Farm, the coconut drops from Burnt Sugar and the handmade sweet olive oil biscuits with aniseed from Brindisa, this lovely venue which is perfect if you wish to serve a deliciousbreakfast in Borough Market.

3. Broadway Marketis one of the best London markets because this food market provides a wide range of meat, fish, fruits, veggies, cakes and cheeses. Being less frenetic and smaller than other markets in London, Broadway Market has to be visited on Saturdays around 9 am, because it is not crowded yet. Try the coffee at Wilton’s and the freshly grilled burgers from Northfield Farm if you wish to start the day in an enchanting way and with a sunny attitude, and then you can go shopping.
Broadway Market is also renowned for its vintage and new designer threads. Many shops and galleries sell here local art, but you can also find exciting and unusual gifts, clothes and ceramics at affordable prices. In this market you will discover the most delicious cheeses, spices, breads and luscious cakes, so it definitely is the best place for your weekly food shop. But in case if you wish to purchase an impressive floral arrangement, go to the florist at Rebel Rebel and make sure that the bouquet you take will outstand.

2.Spitalfields Market is opened seven days a week, yet if you want to purchase clothes, the best day to shop here is Saturday from 11am to 5pm.In “Spitalfield Saturday Style Market” the visitors will discover original accessories and clothing suited to any style and attire. The vivid colours predominant in this market come from the antiques, fashion and food that can be purchased here. Vintage and bohemian clothes can be found in this place, but if you want to get design items or hand-crafted toys, Spitalfields Market will fulfill your needs.
Gourmets will discover in Spitalfields Market a gastronomic paradise. The fresh food market stalls provide whatever you might want to buy and the restaurants La Tasca and Las Iguanas will offer you a wonderful dining experience. In case if you want to buy organic food, artisan breads or deli-style dishes, you can buy them all for an affordable price in Spitalfields Market. But make sure you do not miss the men’s shirts and ties from Seamus Jones and the vintage products from Lee Clarke, they truly are a good bargain.

1. Greenwich Market is one of the best London markets because you can find here everything from pictures, clothes, jewelry and accessories to other unique gifts. More than 100 craft, arts and antique stalls attract thousands of tourists each weekend, creating a vibrant atmosphere that will keep you thrilled for the entire shopping session. Whether you wish to buy souvenirs, leather bags, art canvas or logo T-shirts, in Greenwich Market you can find plenty of items that you will not be able to find elsewhere in the world.
The collectible dealers come here in Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so you should come in Greenwich Market on these days if you want old books, vintage clothes, antique jewelry, 50’s lamps or old ceramics. Soft angora knits and vintage cashmere products can be purchased from Laura Laura, but make sure you do not miss the unusual toy stall QQ Castle with its puffy creatures and toys made from twisted socks and haberdashery pieces.

No matter what you wish to buy, you will find everything in the best London markets. Take your time and enjoy your shopping session, for you will note herea wide array of food, clothes, art, decorative items and original products. Boost your routine and be thrilled visiting the top 5 London markets because this is the most exciting way to sense the lively London!

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