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Do you have a big thing for shoes like our Kensington escorts? Do you feel like buying classy footwear every now-and-then? If you answered yes to these questions, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help. If you take a good look at just couple of flashy reality television, you will come across celebrities with alarming shoes. These are collections that can make your heart yearn for more money. It is quite impressive to note that some girls are lucky enough to have thousands of expensive shoe pairs. And, the next few lines will give you a quick walk through few impressive yet expensive shoe brands.

Brand #1 – Gucci
The sound of “Gucci” takes most fashionistas and Kensington escorts through cloud nine. The luxurious Italian brand is known across the planet for its unique style statements. As you walk through Sloane Street, you will come across the great designer store Gucci with many scintillating shoe varieties. However, you don’t need to worry about the price tag. Gucci is not as expensive as it sounds. The brand’s stunning runway shoes start at a rock bottom price of 600 USD. You will come across many interesting shoe designs between 600 and 800 USD. If you want comfort and quality at an affordable price, Gucci is undeniably your cup of tea!

Brand #2 – Miu Miu
“Miu Miu” is a close rival to Gucci. If you want orange suede metallic boots with golden straps, Miu Miu will delight you. Miu Miu is a direct pathway to style and glamour. When it comes to price, Gucci and Miu Miu are closely related. However, the brands differ in terms of trend and designs. Miu Miu is extremely famous for its electic designs. Some believe that these designs have been borrowed from Mario Prada! You will come across Miu Miu shoes at a rock bottom rate of 500 USD. Conversely, the brand has many young devotees. This includes celebrities like Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Brand #3 – Stuart Weitzman
At some point you will come across Stuart Weitzman, especially if some of the afternoons are spent together with the gorgeous Kensington escorts. This is another safe haven for luxury footwear. Though the company’s history hails from Massachusetts, shoes are officially manufactured from Spain. They use an impressive collection of materials while designing footwear. This includes vinyl, cork and even 24-carat gold. That is because Stuart Weitzman focuses on unique and out-of-the-box shoes. Luckily, the brand does sell a cheaper range of footwear too. Some of its typical varieties are priced around 600 USD. Nevertheless, Stuart Weitzman’s once-a-year shoe is worth several million dollars and is given to a handpicked Oscar nominee.

Brand #4 – Brian Atwood
Your next stop for expensive footwear should be Brian Atwood. This is a famous name amongst young girls and Kensington babes! The brand shocks with colorful footwear that can range from elegant flats to killer high heels. Just like many other expensive, luxury footwear brands in the industry, Brian Atwood’s creations are manufactured in Italy. This gives Brian Atwood’s footwear collection an edgy look and a touch of perfection. Most of Brian Atwood’s basic shoes are sold at 600 USD.

Brand #5 – Alexander McQueen
Do you wish to combine styles from the 21st century, 16th century and the 19th century? Do you want to turn as many heads as possible? Do you want to feel unique and special? Or, do you want to stand above everyone else? These are questions anyone with Alexander McQueen shoes would love to answer! McQueen shoes are not about class or trend. The brand follows its very own vision and mission. From shoes that are several inches high to designs that are wild & mind boggling, McQueen shoes are masterpieces. You will be fascinated to see that McQueen shoes can be bought at a rock bottom price of 600 USD and for 1500 USD too!

Brand #6 – Walter Steiger
Walter Steiger is known for the way uniqueness, innovation, designs and colors are blend together. The brand is known for its sought after and high quality footwear range. Walter Steiger is recognized as a tough player in the world of luxurious shoes. Many fashionistas and shoe collectors tend to spend several thousand dollars on Walter Steiger creations. They admire the brand for its difficult shapes, curvy heals and special designs. When it comes to price, you will find Walter Steiger shoes at 500 USD and more! This makes Walter Steiger a prestigious but affordable brand.

Brand #7 – Christian Louboutin
The world received a whole new definition for luxurious footwear when Christian Louboutin released shoes with red soles. These iconic soles and astonishing heels are real knockoffs. Generally, Christian Louboutin shoes are expensive. Some of its must-have designs are 3000 USD. However, these sexy footwear models will blow you off your feet. After all, every girl thinks wearing Christian Louboutin on their night out, like the Kensington escorts.

Brand #8 – Jimmy Choo
Hollywood elites love to invest on Jimmy Choo shoes. This is a much loved brand that produces shoes for the red carpet. Jimmy Choo’s shoes are more towards the pricy side. They start from few thousand dollars! Jimmy Choo’s most expensive and iconic footwear in 2011 was 3785 USD. With a history that dates back to early 1980s, Jimmy Choo is another must-have brand. It is quite impressive to note that Jimmy Choo is one of those very few brands with a huge cult since 1980s.

Brand #9 – Manolo Blahnik
Another brand from early 1970s would be Manolo Blahnik. The brand is famous for its fashion norms. From high fashion stilettos to heels, Manolo Blahnik is a reason for stunning boots and platform shores. Some of Manolo Blahnik’s expensive shoes are made of alligator skin. Well, these shores will cost you at least 4500 USD!

Brand #10 – Louis Vuitton
Last but certainly not least, the world’s most valuable and expensive shoes hail from Louis Vuitton. Over the years, Louis Vuitton has evolved to be the household name of elegance, style and elite.

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