Mr Selfridge invented the shopping experience that London escorts adore


If you haven't yet discovered the movie series then we will try to give you couple of reasons why you should definitely watch it.

Things to love about it that our gorgeous London escorts do

You will love it not so much about the performing part of the actors, but you will do so for the amazing costumes: the edwardian dresses with the low-cut neck, laces and shining brooches, delicate umbrellas, their gestures and the elegance that their outfits present. This Mayfair escorts are still today a great example of what this beautiful area can offer.
You will get to remember the context of those golden years ( turn of the XX century, when first plane flights took place and the first automobiles were being assembled and tested, but more that you will feel how commerce was made in a time when no online space existed where we can just use our credit cards to buy things and very few means of promoting your ideas and making them big. The department store lesson presented in the movie will amaze you, ideas such as: how to attract customers to the opening time of a certain place, how to decorate beautifully a show-case, how to invent a perfume range and last but not the least how to change the habits of women and men, making the whole shopping experience one to remember.
''Mr Selfridge'', the fabulous series presents the story behind the men that in 1909 opened the famously world known department store. Harry Gordon Selfridge the american that revolutionised and made shopping not only a necessity but also the enjoyable spare time activity.

Present times and past times

Nowadays we might find it a bit hard to imagine, how will it be to enter in a shop and know exactly what we are looking for without paying attention around anything else. Sure enough, we can make an idea about what we would like to have: a new pair of shoes, a new dress, a new bag but before Selfridges department store, the shopping was made in a totally different way.
In the case of the rich, people who had degrees and important jobs, they would visit the tailors or in case of the women they would call for theirs at home and having them made, also the rest of all the accessories ( lingerie, perfume, shoes ) would be delivered at their home addresses. The rest of the people had to go to small shops where nothing was expose and if they wanted to buy something they had to ask for an object so it can be shown to them.

After a glory period in Chicago, where he was a business partner in Marshall Field's ( the first department store that introduced personal shopping and also the use of elevators ), in 1908 Harry Selfridge arrives in London where he is stunned by the unpleasant shopping experience; Soon enough, he found that the stuff working for the shop were rude and distant, no toilets were actually being provided in the location, the merchandise was totally not in view of the potential buyers and the show-cases were a 'mix of everything'. Nowadays looking at the amazing shops around this great city it's hard to believe that there was such a time. In those days, the locations had even one special employee wich wore the 'tag' of 'floorwalker'; His responsability was to kick out the visitors that actually spend more time looking and then not buying anything.

A different view Selfridges

After seeing so many cases, Harry decides that it was truly time for a change and Selfridge's on Oxford Street opens one year later. He teaches his dearest stuff how to expose the merchandise, how to attract the customers in and make them try the perfumes, which now were exposed and also introduces the elevators and special programs were employees were trained on a weekly or monthly basis. To attract even more customers, he thinks of ways on how to do it, so he invites celebrities, first of them would be Louis Bleriot, the famous aviator of that period. Inside in the middle of the shop he puts the mono-plane that would translate in the future 'In store Appearances''. For Mr Selfridge, the store was like a theater that opened each day at 9am.

It was also the perfect timing when he did all of this, as at the beginning of the XX century, women actually succeed in their rights to walk and be seen in public, without being mandatory accompanied by a men from the family. He manages to use this to his advantage by creating an elegant ambient for the ladies, where they could've feel safe and also accomplish their desires, desires that we can still admire in today's world, which is not only seen in the amazing London escorts but in all the women. The catchphrase of that time: '' Why not spend the day at Selfridge's'' ? it stood of the basis for one of the most successful advertising campaigns.


One of the other wonderful ideas of Mr Selfridge was actually introducing the public rest rooms, which until 1909 wasn't present in any shop from London. From his desire of covering more and more areas and attract the people also from there to his glamorous shop, he creates the rest-rooms as luxurious as the hotels from that period had and taking the chance of introducing a coffee shop and a restaurant called : Palm court.

Another strategy put into practice was introducing the beauty department at the ground floor where he would allow all the cosmetics to be in everyone's view. His main goal was to attract the customers to his location and keep them inside for as long as possible by offering them a time they would not easily forget.
Another trick that he manages to pull was to obtain the phone number: ''1'' , which made anyone that dialled that number to actually be re-directed to the Selfridges customer service line. He also believed strongly and firmly showing that a great department store should be lightened during the nights.

Special Remarks

Going beyond the movie series and the books written, we can still see in our present times that a vast majority of Mr Selfridges ideas are still in place and how well the 'live' show-cases still continues to amazes us all, including the Stunningly beautiful Marylebone Escorts.

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