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Hyde Park

The amazing combination of parks and gardens

The Hyde Park is one of the numerous parks that are joined together in one bid land. This is one of the amazing parks that have a mixture of scenery filled with water and trees around. You will love to stroll around the park with the scent of the flowers and the breeze which gives you a feeling of heaven at earth. The park is used for conducting many events or many other celebrations that take place on regular basis. The measurement of the acres that the Hyde Park has been occupying is close to three hundred acres and the same has been visited by many visitors daily. The history of this park is that the park was taken away from the monks by the King Henry III and the same was initially used for the hunting purpose. In the park there is a stream that is artificially built and an artificial lake that passes to reach the Kensinton Gardens and this was constructed by Queen Caroline.

The road that is known as the Rotten Row

Have you heard of the items being rotten and here you can see the road being row and this road at the south end of the Hyde Park and this is used for people to jog around and also for horse riding. This row was known to be dangerous in the seventeenth century and hence, the then king William III thought of lighting up the row with the lamps lit with oil and eventually being called as the first public road being lit for the purpose of public.

The sculpture of surprise

The park has lot of fountains that are found in the park and one of them is called as the Still Water. In the between of the fountains the arch there are statues that are built. One of the statues is built that displays the head of the horse and the bronze statue and these are erected near each other. The view of this statue that makes you to realize the depth of the artistic effect is an exciting part of the statue.

The statue of Achilles

The special feature of the statue is that the same was made by bronze. This was made with the addition of the Fig leaf shape to the statue as the statue was built nude. Now, this was not disrespect to the viewers and showed the elegance of the artistic feature while the statue depicts the same.
The Reformer’s tree and other memorials:
The well known memorial among the other memorials in the Hyde park, is the ‘Reformer’s tree’, Yu can see the black spots that denote the riots that took place due to the terrorist attack. Another monument that was controversial was the memorial of William Henry Hudson. The memorial that has dragon and St. George is another artistic piece that has the demand of the visitors. You can view and blend into the art which shows the uniqueness of the art that has been shown in a fantastic attire of sculpture.

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