We like to think about our clients and understand the moments and times they are calling us so we can be more assisting.

Having a free afternoon during the weekend? Or perhaps you are just one of the lucky ones to have a free day during the week?
You don’t know how much you are going to spend and are afraid to waste your time?
Tired of the daily routine between your home and job?
Not having enough time to catch up more with girls?

The girls come from for a multitude of backgrounds; some are from Eastern Europe (beautiful countries such as Russia, Bulgaria or Romania), some are more Western or Central Europe including Spain, Italy, France..

So whether you choose a really hot girl with a sexy Eastern accent or a sensual air from France, just try us out and you won’t be disappointed!

Organising a party & don’t know what hot ladies to invite? Our ladies have a really bubbly personality and are always up for FUN! So you can be sure that inviting one or more of them to keep you company and entertain you at that special party or night out will be a very good decision.

We are just one phone call away to make your day.

Miss M & the Mermaids Team

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