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Chin, Chin! Cheers! Bottoms Up! Regardless of how you toast your much loved wine flavor, you haven’t seen anything till you taste the drink from London Wine Bars. Unlike European wine bars, London has places that are fun-filled, ideal for socializing, a great place to share a drink or have dinner. Most wine bars in London have expensive versions of the drink from late 1950s. To be more precise, London Wine Bars have something for everyone. With this being said, here are top wine destinations in London for you.

Cheers @ Sager & Wilde
The list begins with “Sager and Wilde”. The stylish wine bar is one of the most welcoming bistros in the city. It is located in Hackney Road. The wine bar is run by Charlotte and Michael. They serve scrumptious breads, high quality meals, mouth-watering cheese varieties and above all, good wines. If you are in London, you should not miss their one-of-a-kind cast iron, light up bar.

Cheers @Vinoteca
Those who want Spanish, Italian and French wine must visit Vinoteca. This is a very old wine bar in St. John Street (Farringdon). The exquisite place offers more than 300 different wine varieties. If you appreciate the divine taste and smell of wine, you must be a part of their wine tasting nights.

Cheers @ Searcy’s Champagne Bar

Drinking at the Searcy’s Champagne Bar is more than a divine experience. The bistro is known for its Art Deco Lamps and amid interiors. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the longest champagne bars in the continent.

Cheers @Shampers
Do you consider yourself as a wine connoisseur? If yes, Shampers must be your next destination. The bistro and bar is quite different from what conventional wine bars offer. Shampers features 200 different varieties of wine (mostly from top rated names). Meanwhile, Shampers has affordable wines that start from 4.50 per glass.

Cheers @ Cork & Bottle
Cork & Bottle is a wine bar near Leicester Square with lots of color and personality. It is located strategically near Theatreland. Thus, you can enjoy a drink before and after the show. Food and wine in from this bistro will be a blissful experience.

Cheers @ Copa de Cava
Copa de Cava at St. Pauls is a place with Spanish beverages. It has the largest number of cavas in the city. From reserva to bruts to grand reservacavas, this bistro offers 20+ different types of cavas. Additionally, Copa de Cava serves characteristic seafood varieties and charcuterie dishes like chorizo, razor clams & broad beans.

Cheers @Cavas de Gaucho
Another intuitive wine bar with Argentinian flavors would be Cavas de Gaucho. The place is famous for its corporate events, special diners and scrumptious wines.

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