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Over the past few years, jewelry has evolved to be a symbol of status and richness. Think of the beautiful collections from Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. These brands have given jewelries a new edgy look! They can make your special moments a lot more iconic and priceless. According to fashionistas and designers, your look will remain incomplete without the right kind of accessories. And just as our Marylebone escorts will also tell you, jewelries are indeed seemingly much more important and eye catchy than some outfits. Also, a versatile wardrobe is meant to have an enticing range of jewelries that can complement ones look and worth. With all this being said, here is a quick walk through top jewelry brands in the planet. These brands have spent decades designing that perfect masterpiece for you!

Diamonds from Harry Winston

When it comes to diamonds, “Harry Winston” tops the list. Anyone with a knack for ornaments and precious diamonds would remember “The Hope Diamond”. Well, the Hope Diamond is deemed as the brainchild of Harry Winston. This is a pricy diamond that hails from India. Wealthy civilians like Pierre Cartier, Thomas Hope and Harry Winston were lucky to own the Hope Diamond for years. Winston’s jewelry are famous for its rarest gemstones and premium quality. They elaborate masterpieces with legacy and pride in mind. That is why Harry Winston continues to rule the world of designer diamond jewelries.

Timeless Designs from Cartier
When it comes to jewelry auctions, no company stands next to Cartier. The sophisticated brand has made history by buying some of the world’s rarest jewelries. Founded in 1847, Cartier is famous for watches and classy jewelries. One of Cartier’s killer designs would be its Panther shaped brooch for Wallis Simpson. This is a timeless piece of art that can leave you mesmerized. Today, Cartier exploits through Art Deco elements to make signature designs that can suit modern tastes.

Gemstones from Van Cleef and Arpels
Since 1896, Van Cleef Arpels has been a strong household name in the world of jewelries. The authentic French label maintains elegance and classiness in all its designs. Apart from making grand designer pieces for Richies, Van Cleef Arpels has options for modern, young women too. The prestigious jewel maker uses different types of precious stones and unique gem setting strategies. They make sure the gemstones are exposed fully. As a result, most Van Cleef Arpels jewels are sparkly and too good to be true. Indeed, Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels have given the world of jewelry a new definition.

Gold from Buccellati
Buccellati is a luxury Italian brand that focuses on high quality gold ornaments. They are known across the globe for quality and fineness. When it comes to heritage and antique jewels, Buccellati tops the market. You will be astonished to note that their heritage collection has rich pieces from the Roman era. The Roman designs are hand crafted by skilled professionals, who have several years of expertise in the industry. Also, it is quite interesting to note that no-two Buccellati pieces would look or feel the same. These are characteristic traits seen in all their produces. Buccellati redefines gold jewelry by introducing lacy carvings and softer edges. Moving on, the brand received lots of fame for mattifying and brushing metals. To be more precise, they mix gold with silver for lighter enhancements and finer texture.

Modern Accessories from Tiffany
Tiffany jewels are famous across the globe. This can be attributed to the Great Gatsby Movie! People from Asia and America go crazy over Tiffany’s designs. The luxurious brand has a history that dates back to early 1837. It is extremely famous for sterling silver, trendy watches and exclusive diamond jewelries. Their diamond jewelries are real masterpieces that speak of class and luxury. If you take a good look at Tiffany’s collections, you will see birds, flowers and leaves in the form of earrings, brooches, hair accessories and pendants.

Huge Diamonds from Graff

When it comes to British Multinational Jewelries, Graff Diamonds is a true market leader. The label was founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff. According to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, Graff follows high standards in all that it does. Officially, the brand focuses on heavy, huge diamonds. In fact, the founder has himself claimed of his passion for bigger stones. One of Graff’s killer pieces would be “The Lesotho Promise Necklace”. Made of huge gemstones and diamonds, this masterpiece will keep your heart and mind yearning for more money!

Fine Jewelry from Piaget
Established in 1874, Piaget plays an important role in the list of expensive jewelry brands. The Swiss Richemont Group has collections to delight buyers of different age groups and financial abilities. Since late 1800s, Piaget has been expanding its reach. It is a reliable name for exclusive jewelry designs, fascinating watches and sophisticated accessories. Fine jewelry is Piaget’s key areas of success. Of course, the brand is well-known amongst the elite class of Asia and Europe. History states that Piaget became extremely famous among the elite-class with its first high-end watches.

Signature Jewels from Bvlgari
Another luxury jewel brand with a history from 1800s would be Bvlgari. The Roman brand is known for skin care products, fragrances, signature watches and precious jewelry sets. The brand features a closed group of clients. This includes names like Elizabeth Taylor and Hollywood celebrities. Moving on, Bvlgari specializes in manufacturing jewelries with colored gemstones that are both expensive and rare. For example, Bvlgari’s sapphire masterpieces are hallmark ornaments that can complement any occasion. Staple designer pieces from Bvlgari would be their necklaces, chokers, cuffs and bangles.

Other Names!
Two other names in the world of luxury jewelry brands would be Mikimoto and Chopard. Mikimoto makes use of rare pearls in their one-of-a-kind creations. In fact, the brand was the first to use cultured pearls. According to a recent survey, very few brands have pearl sets that match with Mikimoto’s quality and classiness. Finally, quality meets accuracy with Chopard jewelries. The brand features and uses the world’s finest resources for trademark jewels.

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