Top 5 clubs for Party escorts

Nightlife in London is, by far, enchanting and impressive.Having the most diverse club scenes in the world, London will offer you an amazing experience if you are willing to spend the entire night partying, especially being accompanied by one of the top London escorts. The clubs are constantly evolving and changing, but the atmosphere remains awesome. Whether you wish to spend your night in a sophisticated and sleek club with celebrities, in a bottle beer orientated club, in a cocktail bar or in a late night rave club, here is the top London clubs where drinking and dancing are more tempting than ever.


The place is situated in the heart of Shoreditch and offers a great variety of music to those who wish to spend the entire night dancing. It is hard not to stay with hands in the air in this amazing club, especially because the best DJs of the moment will perform live to astonish the audience. This venue quickly became one of the most popular places in London because it is focused on quality and has an 800 person capacity, which means that live concerts are quite spectacular in here.
Live bands perform throughout the week, while the weekends will be ruled by the top DJs from the Dubstep, house and progressive music stables. If you enter this club, inevitably you will spend here the entire night. Having the right company is a big plus, that's why our girls are the best. Private parties are fantastic in here, because the split level design and minimalist finish are designed especially for clubbing enthusiasts. Many different events can take place in XOYO due to the extensive technical capabilities: private corporate events, club nights, live music gigs, fashion shows, live comedy nights and numerous others. The lights, music, drinks and ambiance create a perfect match that will definitely keep you entertained all night, so make sure you visit XOYO at least once.
Another great place to visit while in London is the Mayfair area. A luxurious place to be at. Besides the great view, great places and nice people - you can date these girls, they will definitely leave you speechless.

4. EGG


This is a wonderful venue on York Way spread over 3 floors, with a balcony terrace, a central courtyard garden and an 800 person capacity. It has the largest open space in London clubland, reason why EGG is very popular amongst smokers. This stylish club features five main areas split across different levels and many famous DJs perform their deep, house or techno music in here.
In this beautiful place you will not feel how time flies. You will party hard in EGG, because the spacious garden and open-air terraces will delight you and you will feel just like in Ibiza. This remarkable club can host wedding functions, art shows and even private parties, but it is certainly a glamorous venue that you have to drink and dance in for the entire night until you willwitness the sunrise.

3. Fabric


It is one of the most famous night clubs in London. Clubbers from all over the world come here on Charterhouse Street in order to spend a wonderful night. This super club has Europe’s first bass-loaded dance floor known as “bodysonic”, meaning that bass truly comes through the floor so the clubbing enthusiasts will feel the music for real. For a hardcore night, choose this amazing place as your venue. Bear in mind that the club has a 2,500 person capacity, so you have to arrive early on weekends, because the queues are very long, especially if you want to impress your Party escort.
With 5 sound-systems and 3 bars placed over two levels, this club will sure entertain its guests. If you are tired after dancing all night long, you can chill-out in some huge leather beds, but the performances on the dance floor will be too appealing. Your night will sure be crazy if you come to Fabric. Besides the fact that many internationally-renowned DJs will inspire the clubbers, you will have the opportunity to feel how music will give you chills. Are you ready for the ultimate clubbing experience?

2. Cirque le Soir

cirque lu soir

One of the most successful and most talked about clubs in the world because in this place on Ganton Street the glamorous and gorgeous come out to play. If you wish to witness amazing aerial, burlesque and circus acts, your wish will be fulfilled in Cirque le Soir. As one of the most exclusive clubs in town, it will astonish you with exotic and burlesque dancers, magicians, dwarfs, jugglers and contortionists that will appear when a circus theme song will announce them. This fabulous club with music that mixes different styles like tech and deep house will offer you an experience like no other.
Because it has an only 500 person capacity and due to the fact it is not very spacious, Cirque le Soir is very selective. Waiting in queues can take a few hours and entering into this club might seem impossible.But once you are in, you will not want to get out from this wonderful and crazy club that will keep you fascinated throughout the night.
Our finest Mayfair Escorts simply adore going to this show.

1. Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound

This is indeed one of the best nightclubs in London. Placed in Elephant & Castle, this venue has a famous sound system that runs at only 45% of its full capacity. Many genres of house music will be played in Ministry of Sound by famous DJs who will keep dance music fans charmed. Having a total capacity of 2,000 plus a courtyard where another 400 people can have fun, this stylish club will provide an innovative event experience to those who want to drink and dance in this venue. Party escorts adore the atmosphere and will most definitely make you enjoy a fabulous night.
The club has five main areas where floors are intended to enable clubbers to dance all night long without getting tired. The commitment to sound, lights and production make Ministry of Sound one of the best nightclubs where you can spend a wonderful night with your friends. If you want to dance for hours on music that will fill you with energy, this club is the best choice.
London’s vibrant nightlife will charm you with its astonishing clubs. Regardless if you want to be amazed by music, if you want to spend all night dancing or if you just want to have a few drinks in a wonderful ambiance with your desired Party escort this is the top London club clubs that will keep you entertained and on your feet to the early hours.

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