Top 3 places to visit in Paris with a international escort

What can be more delightful that having one of the best Petite Escorts with you in this amazing trip ? Knowing you can do and have everything before hand it's simply a dream, yet it's all possible by giving us a call. Paris, alongside London, is a fascinating city, full of attractions and history having a lot of museums in which you can admire masterpieces from all over the world. The monuments and touristic attractions from France capital are known all over the world and they indeed became known by the majority of us. Below we will try to present you a short list with what you can enjoy while spending your time in style with your desired London escort. This Top attractions are not to be missed.

Louvre Museum

Louvre museum is one of the most visited art museums from the world, being one of the central touristic attractions where you can admire over 30000 art pieces and hundreds of thousands of other objects. Having been opened in 1793, the museum is part of Louvre palace, which initially was built as a fortress. From the paintings that can be found there, Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci it's definitely something you should look forward to.

Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace is one of the biggest and amazing castles in the world and being one of the most visited attraction from France.

Eiffel Tower

Being one of the tallest structure in the world in the past, Eiffel tower is probably the most known touristic attraction from Europe and it does represents the symbol of Paris. Standing 300metres high it was built in the XIX century exceeding most of the other monuments by far. The final project needed hundreds of workers so it can be completed for more than 2 years. Eiffel tower opening time was in march 1889 and it wasn't until 1930 when Chrysler building in New York was going to become higher then it.
In the beginning not all the people with this concept, fearing that it will bring and promote even more ''structures without individuality'' and those wouldn't fit with Paris architecture. One of the most known was Guy de Maupassant that hated so much the Eiffel Tower that he ate his lunch from its base restaurant, saying it was the only place from where he couldn't actually see the tower itself.
It has been said that more than 7million tourists go and see this wonderful place each year, so if you one are visiting this great city, then Eiffel Tower is a must, just imagine yourself with the Petite Escort of your choice on top.

The opportunities are quite unlimited as this city has an awesome nightlife. You can always spend your time in style with one of the most exquisite girls by giving us, Mermaids of London a call and arrange meeting one of the most Petite Escorts. The world is about sharing moments with different people, so don't prefer to do everything by yourself, but enjoy having a wonderful travelling London escort by your side. Start having fun, share sensual moments and make great memories.

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