Things to avoid and stay on the safe side when booking a London escort

With so many agencies nowadays, it can get quite hard for someone to find the right London escort agency that will deliver an outstanding service. It seems that more and more people are starting to get a taste of this industry and they can do more harm than good, regardless of the cost.

Trick or treat ?

It's a harmful combination between old tricks and new ones used in misleading the potential customer into believing things that actually don't exist. With the help of Google nowadays it became easier to search for the pictures of the girls which are listed under an agency or another, by selecting Images and either copy/paste the link of the photo or saving it first into your computer and uploading it there. This is an easy way to find out if your desired London escort actually it is listed also with other reputable agencies or they are using the misleading pictures just on their own website. Have a close look on prices, as the old saying goes, if it's sounds too good to be true still applies here. You might end up entering on a website by searching it on a directory or just simply by a search engine. Websites nowadays are easier to make but unfortunately not as easy to maintain. If the information on there seems outdated that's your first sign. The second part is most of this websites seem to be built in a rather quick way, so lots of details such as fonts, writings, telephone number etc. may appear misplaced just to be written and seen, usually in a bolder way with a certain flashy colour. The only thing that will definitely pop up in your eyes in a different quality will be the fake pictures, which normally are very eye-catching. If at this stage, you might still decide to phone them up, another word of advice would be to look how their girls accept the payment for their time. If it says only cards or it's not mention at all it's best to avoid this type of London escort agencies.

Taking it two steps further Thinking_man--111

With gradually more people moving around London and the economy seems to be booming, there are a slightly different types such as cheap London escort agencies that start appearing. The rates usually start from £99 / hr but it can be as low as £80. We can't stress enough about avoiding this agencies for many reasons, some which will be mentioned below.
The pictures in most cases will be outdated even though high or medium quality, so the girls you meet might look like a fine memory of the pictures they once made with the extra pounds in the right place and added years in their calendar. Some of this agencies can easily be found on Google or other search engines, specifically targeting first time visitors that they think this is the deal of their life. We say first time visitors, because after such an experience it's hard for us to believe that one is going to repeat it.

Is it any different ? Fake-2222

The other type of cheap London escort agencies where the rates are slightly up being @£110 / hr. This might seem indeed as a very good deal, but if you are looking for a great experience with a girl that isn't ''worked out'' by so many previous customers, it's best to avoid this. Added extras from nowhere might as well come along, making in the end a £110/hr experience getting fairly quickly to a £180/hr one as well as separate added taxi fare which covers the travel expenses. Before you commit in booking one of the gorgeous London escort that you saw, it's best to do your homework.
The girls being listed in this second type of cheap escort agencies might not entirely only have their profile being fake, but you will end up meeting someone who resembles more as a nightmare than a dream. Bait and switch activities have been well known for years, but they are still practiced by the new and un-experienced looking for a quick score. We believe that long term relationships are built through trust. We don't condone any behaviour such as getting someone into booking a girl and then never care about what happens. In life one of the truer statements is that you will always get what you pay for. So if you decide that cheap London escorts is something worth risking many things for, then you will definitely get what you paid for in most cases.
Certain other things in regards of comparing quality over cheap prices and dodgy deals might also be worth mentioning.
You might expose yourself to certain situation such as illegal activities. On our London escort agency, not only the models are exactly the ones you meet, but all 18 years old or over and some of them although might not be available on a regular day to day basis, they are doing this on their own terms.
Lack of professionalism from both reception and the girls, once met, is another aspect of going for the cheap London escort. In majority of cases, things are taken for granted, acting as if they are doing yourself a favour, when in reality it's the other way around, from the moment you decided to choose their service.
You might be encouraged to try certain things or engage in activities where drugs are used 'just for fun' of it. We strongly recommend that if this is something you are interested in, please DO NOT call us. We are not only against it, but you will most surely be blacklisted.

Having the best choices

You don't want to over think it, but with a little bit of effort you will end up booking the girl of your dreams for just a fraction more.
As we mentioned previously that more and more agencies are opened faster this days, the smart customer knows exactly the place on where to book his stunning London escort. There are many reputable agencies around, which have in their galleries girls that will suit everyone's taste. This London escort agencies have either been around for years or even if new, they always deliver what they say.
With the abundance of girls coming to the London escort scene each week, even at this point might be hard to decide choosing from either a independent girl or a new girl from an agency. The reason for this is fairly simple and it's simply because some may actually prefer having a certain 'connection' before actually making a booking, where phoning up an agency his requests are treated in a friendly, polite and professional way with his demands being actually listened.
Most of the independent girls can be found on certain London escort forums or directories with couple of clicks and even though majority are real and reliable, if you are walking on unknown grounds hoping for the best, the best is booking through an escort agency.

The London escort agency

At Mermaids of London, we are not only having some of the most amazing girls in this great city, but we are constantly searching for ways of improving our services to you. Booking a London escort from our gallery is quick, easy with your demands being treated in the most serious, attentive and discreet way. You can browse freely through all the pages from our website including the blog section, such as this, Hotels guide, bars and restaurants , videos and many more. Your desired lady will have under her profile written all her stats, a short interview, her rates and what she provides. Some might think that having more girls as other websites but in the same time not knowing much about them when asked it's fair, but we do believe that each and every experience is unique and therefore we are knowledgeable about each and every London escort we have listed with us. We prefer quality over quantity, as this is the only way for long term relationships. Each girl from our website is not chosen only for her amazing looks, but she also has to poses a great zest for life in general, have a bubbly and fun-loving personality which will help her comfortably being a London escort. Make sure you book one of the top Baker street escorts as seen if you will choose to navigate the website into that particular category. We have a wide selection with over 100 girls available most of the time, we also accept bookings in advance and we strongly encourage everyone, even after one profile is read, if something goes not understood, kindly mention your request to the receptionist. This way you can rest assured that the recommended girl has everything it takes and will suit your personal taste. If however you find it difficult to mention what you are interested in via phone, kindly send it as a text message. We have a great team that puts service before everything else. If you have the time to browse through the website, you might also be interested in one of newest section called: Happy hour. This is our weekly offer page with interesting things that you might want to take advantage of. The Private gallery is yet another way of getting to know a little bit more about your desired London escort. With so many more blurred or strongly touched photos, it can get difficult for one to know exactly if the girl one sees, it's really what one wants to meet.

Unique experience with our escorts

Other requests you can make are such as a 'dress code' or how the chosen London escort you might want to meet should be dressed. This can be compared to a tailoring service, in terms that each and every booking is different. In cases such as dinner dates, night outs, you might prefer to be accompanied by someone looking the most glamorous. All our girls take the requests seriously and they will definitely look the way you expect them to.

Just one night out


If planning a special occasion and you would need some sexy London escorts being invited, then rest assured that we will do our best in raising to your expectations. Our girls are also travelling and although some only throughout Europe, some of them are travelling world-wide. With enough notice, if you inform us about your interest about one of them to come and visit you, this might also be arranged, although certain terms will apply. They will be as happy to travel as much as you will be having one of them by your side. Education, curiosity and a great sense of adventure come well into place especially for one great London escort. The special night out can also be arranged for you
from the smallest details; yes those VIP tickets are available, yes there is a free table at your chosen club and our girls know exactly how to make it happen. Not only this, but we believe and each of our Baker street escorts listed with us - the same: That it's always making sure this is not about communicating but about connection.

Feedback is always appreciated and rewarding

Reading the reviews section is another way of getting to know if the person you would like to meet is really the one for you. Please note that we publish all feedback regardless of being good or not and as we always strive for the best while trying to understand to a certain extent everyone in cases we see a things following each other up, we might remove certain profiles simply because they might not be on the same level of service with us and our initial beliefs might've been mislead.
You are always free to choose whoever you want, although the reception from us, Mermaids of London, will mention if that's the best choice for you or not where is the case. Certain forums or directories are also full of useful information and majority of them are free to access. If that's something you might be interested in, you may get the advice by phoning us. Also if you are just travelling to London and yet not sure what would be the best location which will allow you not only to have the best time by yourself, but being in someone else's company, then we can provide you with this details also, especially if booking one of the Baker street escorts is on your to-do list. The suggestions are going to be based on the information that is given, which of course is dealt with in the most discreet way by our London escort agency receptionists.

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