Stylish Spring Wardrobe Essentials

During the spring, the weather can be at times cold but mainly we expect it to be hot and so you will have more freedom when deciding what items you should buy. All you need to do is make sure that you have these stylish spring wardrobe essentials.

1. A Stylish Jacket

A stylish jacket will make you not only look fashionable, but it will keep you warm enough at the same time. When selecting a jacket, make sure that you choose one that is neutral enough to suit a range of other clothing pieces, but trendy enough to make a style statement. For example, a beige mac is an ideal choice, as it’s neutral, so will compliment other clothing items well, but it’s also stylish.
You may also opt out for a denim washed jacket. It is important when choosing the size, to select 1 size smaller than you would normally go for. They are made to be 'slim-fit' , so no excess of fabric should be anywhere.

2. White trainers

A pair of fashionable white trainers are essential during the spring. Choose a pair that you can match great with the jeans. They are definitely going to be one of the key footwear items of the 2015 Spring season. If you are searching for a quality pair, there are plenty of options around to choose from. Because of their color, they will fit with anything you'll decide to wear.

3. Navy Jumper

It is a timeless piece and is sure a definition of fuss-free style for any men that wears it. You may layer it over your sky-blue oxford shirt and wear it also with a nice pair of chinos and driving shoes.

4. Jeans/Denim

There is no surprise that denim found it's place in the Mermaids of London, men wardrobe essentials. Don’t be afraid to choose brighter colours , as this days they do come in a wide range of style and shades: from light grey to indigo and black. If you decided to opt for a pair of light blue jeans, than they will match exactly with the Navy blue jumper as a darker tone.

By adding just a few simple pieces to your wardrobe, you can completely revitalize your spring style.

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