London escorts in 2018

1. What's new in the London escorts industry this year ?

With an ever growing industry we are certain we've seen changes during recent times and it doesn't seem it's going to stop soon.
We are pleased to offer an excellent service and our girls ranging from petite escorts to busty blonde escorts are carefully selected and truly offer the best experiences on the London escort scene.
Now more then ever with so much choice and so many options to choose from, we understand it's also becoming harder to select the right London escort, that's why whenever we consider someone, we are certainly looking for more then the lady's appearance. While we are receiving plenty of applications on a weekly basis, just a handful of escorts we meet really have what it takes to be one of the Mermaids.

2. How to book London escorts ?

This question is often asked, especially by new people who are trying the service for the first time but also from clients who are aware that various agencies might have different policies.
With us, we've made the process pretty straight forward and you could choose to book your London escort via phone, email or text and will explain how each of them work below.
2.1 Booking via phone
This is the best option for clients who are looking to see someone at short notice whether it's an In-call or an Out-Call booking. It is also our preferred form of contact and the easiest to use.
Our receptionists are known to be very friendly and always on hand, so whatever your requests may be; they will gladly assist you and meeting one of our highly desired London escorts couldn't be easier.
2.2 Booking via email ( or contact form )
This method is best suited for those that are looking to book in advance ( for i.e. 48hrs or more ) and it is usually suitable for longer bookings as well.
You have two options when choosing this, where you could send us an email or complete the form via the BOOKINGS page. We prefer clear and concise booking request forms and you should complete all camps marked with *. This will helps us understand more about what you are looking for, specific requests and if not sure which London escort to choose, then we can make recommendations that we know will suit your needs best.
We aim to respond in 24hrs or less, ( if not sent in Weekends ) and will reply with all the necessary information you need.
2.3 Booking via Text or WhatsApp
This method is only available for regular clients or clients who have seen one of our girls before. For us, first contacts are important, so we must insist that if you are new, trying Mermaids of London escorts for first time, then you will have to call us in order to arrange your escort booking.

3. What Agencies are worth considering and how to spot the bad ones ?

It's important to look out for reputable agencies whom have been established for a while. The details for this might seem straight forward and easy for someone familiar with the London escorts industry and although in recent years there has been a decrease in fake or bad agencies, there are still things to avoid.
3.1 Avoiding fake profiles/pictures
The easiest method to do this, is by using google image upload service; where you save an image from a certain website and check it's results. If it's a fake picture, it will most certainly appear on websites not related with London escorts or within the industry but a different country.
If you have any doubts whether this method works, you could also try checking someone's pictures whom you have met before and compare your results.
At Mermaids of London we only publish verified pictures onto our girls portfolios and they are always 100% accurate and up to date. Majority of the London escorts we represent tend to change their pictures from time to time and usually we announce it via our News section when one does it.
We understand that at times due to past experiences one might be uncertain about the pictures, but not only we guarantee our girls are as beautiful as their photos but the reviews we have truly speak for themselves.
3.2 False advertising services
On top of the above point that we made, there are also other things to consider. When we say false advertising services, we are not only referring to a London escort personal likes, but rather it goes to everything included in her profile.
You should be aware of this trap, because at times agencies may advertising specific statistics for example, in order to make a profile more appealing. This usually ends up most of the time in a very disappointing meeting.
For i.e. A girl could be advertised as 5'4'' ( height ) but in reality she could be more a 5'8'' ( or vice versa ) in order to make her more appealing to a certain audience. This could go on to her advertised bust size, current hair colour etc., so it's very important to search and choose reputable agencies
3.3 Hidden fees
This is a big one and we've heard and seen it happen especially with London escorts priced low ( i.e. £110 - £150 escorts ) , where the advertised prices are kept low but the customer ends up paying more for lots of hidden extras. This could be even mean the taxi journey cost, not mentioned on the website or not mentioned over the phone by reception at the time of booking, but it does go on and applies to various other things. Best it's to always keep yourself informed with everything going on or you can always rely on Mermaids of London offering an up-to-date service in all aspects.

4. Independent girls vs London Agency Escorts ?

This is a big question and there is usually more then one answer, but it usually comes to one's preferred likes and both come with pro's and con's.
You can usually find independent escorts in London by browsing reputable escorts directories. They offer a comprehensive research, where you can narrow down your selection by age, location and even nationality.
Some of more established independent escorts nowadays have their own websites as well and advertise in various places so they can be even more easily found by clients.
We certainly understand that girls might prefer this method of being part of the industry, where they arrange their own bookings, but we are not entirely convinced that it's always in the client's best interest to choose one and will explain our point of view.
4.1. Verified Profiles
Although there are certain directories that require their profiles to be verified, most of them don't. It's also important to realise that the directory itself, has nothing to do with the London escort that chooses to advertise her profile with them. Be careful as some may be inclined to advertise their statistics, likes and even pictures to appear slightly different then they are.
Being in charge of your own advertise might seem for some a better choice, but it also takes a lot more of ones time; and although is very appealing, there are so much hours in a day and things that you could do.
4.2 Outdated pictures
Nowadays one can upload as many pictures as they would want on their directory profile page or personal website, however more times then not, the pictures appearing are not fully up-to-date, ( if for i.e. older ones are nicer or much more preferred then latest ones, personal disinterest, etc )
It's important to always look for profiles that may seem or have a way to know for sure the pictures displayed are both accurate and recent.
4.3 Fully booked or Days off
When one happens to call a number, their call might end up being not answered because the girl in question might not be available at the time, which could ruin your plans.
Holidays seem to be mentioned, but days off aren't, potentially in the hope of clients not disregarding their profile. So your call is either not answered or answered but not in the hope of client's favour.
4.4 Extras
Same as the point we made above with the agencies not advertising sincerely any extras one should expect, especially we heard it happen with independent girls mostly because they can afford to practice it.
4.5 Rushed Service
Because of low rates, independent escorts do seem to attract at times more bookings. With this also comes the 'risk' of being offered a rushed service. It happens mostly because they tend to value quantity rather then quality and depending on personal circumstances the escorts that chose to be independent are more likely to be in London for short term.. so rather then caring about establishing a great reputation they tend to have a short term agenda.
At Mermaids of London we carefully select our girls and at times we might choose to represent only well established escorts for obvious reasons. They do tend to prefer having a certain number of bookings in a day, rather then the above and they care about offering the best experiences.

5 Reviews / Feedback

We greatly appreciate the feedback our London escort girls are receiving and we encourage each and everyone to submit their reviews via our form.
However we'll only publish verified reviews ONLY for our London escorts, so kindly make sure you write as much possible details about your meeting.
Reviews that do not met certain criteria ( i.e. abusive language or terms ) will be disregarded.
It is important to know especially for new clients that there are a number of various forums and directories where a review can be published. Some may offer the service free of charge where with others you would have to be a member in order for your review to be published.
You can also use this as compass point to help you in the right direction when deciding to book any of the London escorts.

6. In-call areas and Out-Call locations

At Mermaids of London we are pleased to have In-call escorts and Out-call escorts available. When it comes to locations, we are covering most of London West End, areas that include: Marylebone, Mayfair, Knightsbridge etc.; so it's worth getting familiar with this areas prior to your visit in London or if you are already a resident simply choose one that suits best.

There is no preferred type of booking when it comes to In-Call or Out-call, as mentioned above, our girls are available for both. However when it comes to the latter, it's important to keep in mind a few things prior arranging your booking.
Although our girls cover most of Greater London, there might be exceptions where we won't be able to have a girl coming to your place and this can happen for a few reasons:
a) Your location is too far
If your location is out of reach, we will inform you at the time of calling.
b) Short notice booking
If your are staying 3-4miles away from the girl's In-Call location, we advise you to book in advance to avoid any disappointment. Please note that a taxi return fare may apply on top of her normal fee.
c) Late night calls
This applies also for In-Call bookings, as only a handful of girls we represent are available after 1am. So if you decide to call us around that time, best is to have 2-3 choices in mind, as your first option might not be free.
If you already know or have a specific date in mind, we encourage you to complete our booking form for your desired London escort and based on the details you offer us, we will be able to recommend you not only a suitable escort, but places to go, well reviewed restaurants, bars and clubs, and also advice where is best to stay while in this big great city of London.


7. Types of payment accepted

At the present moment, our London escorts accept payments in cash only. The payment should be made in the first 5-10minutes of your meeting directly to the girl. Please note that we advice all our escorts to count the money and make sure the right amount has been paid, so do not feel offended by it.
Although they can accept payments in other currencies then GBP, this should be mentioned at the time of calling.
Other payments methods might be available for regular customers, based on the girl's sole discretion whether or not she will accept it. We advise you to enquire at the time of your call.

8. Petite Escorts, Blonde busty escorts ? Are Duo's available ?

It all comes down to personal choice whether you would like to meet that stunning London petite escort or a busty blonde bombshell, but why choose when you could have them both ?
We do offer Duo bookings and majority of our escorts enjoy very much this type of meeting. So take note, next time you decide that two beautiful girls will be perfect for an evening.

9. Price range for London Escorts

We cannot stress enough that we Prefer Quality above all.
Our girl's prices begin from as little as £200 for 1 hour and could go up depending on the duration of your booking, although we do have £300 escorts and upwards.
The prices presented definitely reflect the quality of the service offered, the luxury locations where our girls are based ( be it a Marylebone Escort, Mayfair Escort or a Knightsbridge escort ), the stunning looks and bubbly personalities they have.. there's really nothing better then what our London escort girls have to offer and once you will meet any of them, we're sure you will agree as well.
Although there are different London escort agencies that market themselves and the ladies in different price brackets, either lower or even higher, we decided to stick to our knowledge and offer a great service at an affordable price, so that gentlemen that do prefer the best things can rely on us.
It's important to note that popular London escorts are in high demand at all times, so make sure you check their profiles, read their reviews and plan well ahead your booking.
It's also equally important to know for those of you who prefer something certain, not to waste your time in booking lower priced girls, as that gap can make a huge difference when having a great meet with one of our Mermaids London escorts.

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