List of 5 best british cars

The car industry in Britain is presently booming and is accelerating much ahead of Europe, according to statistics towards recording production levels. As per the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturer & Traders) production of vehicle is on track and is expected to rise by about 9% every year in the near future, due to demand for exports by more than 150 countries.
This is likely to have car production propelled to pre-recession levels and by 2016, about 2.2 million cars are to be produced, which is a record in itself exceeding the previous one set in 1972 with 1.92 million cars achieved then. Motor industry, as a matter of fact, is said to account for about 11% of all of UK exports.
The Jaguar F Type had been designed in Britain and at Paris Motor Show had been revealed some time back. Although many companies which manufacture vehicles in Britain are considered to be foreign owned, it is very much that they are produced on these shores, while the world does have a great appetite for them.
Taking a look at the best luxury and everyday car that is assembled in Britain can help understand as to what are the top cars and what is it that makes them great.
Everyday popular cars
• Nissan Qashqai: This car is owned by a Japanese company and is based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. The car had been launched in 2007 and since then has gained extreme popularity among the crossover vehicles that runs on British roads. According to SMMT, it is slated to be the 7th most purchased vehicle. This car is comfortable to be driven and funky. It has been priced competitively, given its size. It is also termed to be the very best used car for purchasing. When it comes to reliability as a family car, it is placed 9th. The Sunderland plant is said to produce Note and Micra models. Its price starts from £16,595.

• Mini: This brand is German BMW owned and is manufactured at Oxford, Oxfordshire. The attention of the British motorists’ has been captured by the current generation of Minis that are being produced. This vehicle has been designed stylishly, has a smooth engine and is just great to be driven. This vehicle is known to hold about 64% of its value even after 3 years, next to Fiat 500. Out of 35 car manufacturers, this brand is midway finishing at the 18th spot. Its price ranges from £11,870.
Popular luxury cars
• Range Rover Evoque: This brand is an Indian company owned one having its manufacturing base in Halewood, Merseyside. It is known to have all the desirability like that of the Range Rover that is stylish to look from the outside and having beautiful interiors. Now, the buyer can get hold of the ‘special’ edit ion version that Victoria Beckham has designed. Its price ranges from £28,695.

• Lotus Elise: This brand belongs to a Malaysian company and is manufactured in Hethel, Norfolk. It has been praised and described to be a car that has everything desirable in a good sports car, having jaw dropping pace, fantastic to drive, stunning grip and delicious steering. This car is also a delight of the drivers and features 7th spot in terms of purchasing a dream car. Its price starts from £28,110.

• Jaguar F Type: This brand is owned by an Indian company and has is manufacturing plant in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. It has been described to be a beautiful car and has prices starting for F Type from £58,500; for F type S from £67,500 and for F Type V 8 S from £79,950. The Jaguar F type has been stated to be among the exciting Jaguar and its demand is anticipated to be high like that of the legendary E type.

These are few of the top cars that are produced in Britain currently.

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