Holiday destinations in Europe and London Escorts

Everyone dreams of a picture perfect vacation. And, Europe is one of those finest holiday destinations for endless weeks of fun and everlasting memories. Every year more than 2+ million flock to Europe. The continent is known for its beautiful beaches, colorful gardens, exquisite monuments, one-of-a-kind culture and if local to London everyone is used to the beautiful London escorts. If you are planning on a Europe tour; here are top 5 must-visit destinations.

Destination #1 – Spain


“Spain” is one of UK’s famous holiday spots. It is preferred by most British vacationers. To be more precise, Menorca, islands of Mallorca and Canary Islands are known for its beautiful landscapes. One of the world’s finest yet less known beach destinations would be Catalonia, Spain. Most tourists prefer Northern Spain for its mountains, lonely beaches, medieval towns and rolling countryside. Food is wonderful and of great value in the buzz ling city. Apart from beaches, Spain delights travelers with one-of-a-kind walking holidays and cycling tours.

Destination #2 – France

The very next travel destination in Europe would be “France”. Highly spoken for its naturally beautiful landscape especially in the south, this gorgeous girls seem to attract more people from there back to London also. Though the bond between the French and British has seen many twists and turns; there is so much to sightsee in France.. Above all, spending few days in the city of love – Paris will give you loads of memories. During the French holiday, you can ski on the Alps and go mountain climbing. There is a wide range of cuisines to be tried in the French land. From cakes to breads to wines, France will keep your sweet tooth rolling.

Destination #3 – Greece


The list of European holiday destinations will remain incomplete without “Greece”. Greek holidays resemble simplicity and fineness. Even in the midst of serious economic crisis, Greece delights travelers with blue seas, hot sun and friendly tavernas. Greek food blends health with tradition to deliver a masterpiece of taste and simplicity. Frequent visitors are often attracted to the Greek islands. Places like Paxos, Corfu Vullas and the Lakitira Beach have never lost its charm. The largest and most interesting islands in the country would be Crete. It homes stylish resorts and villas for a splendid Greek holiday.

Destination #4 – Italy

If you want a rich holiday in Europe, you should visit “Italy”. The country is known for its peaceful nature, admirable people, ancient traditions, fantastic beaches and scrumptious food varieties. There is no surprise why many people opt for holidays in Italy. During summer, the country is filled with an exorbitant number of enthusiastic tourists. Wonderful places in Italy would be Venice, Rome and Florence. These cities flaunt an edge of glamour and richness. Moreover, the Italian lakes are surrounded by exquisite mountain views that cannot be found anywhere else in this world!

Destination #5 – Croatia

Last but certainly not least, you should visit Croatia! This is a beautiful coastline with great Mediterranean values. The place has amazing resorts and stunning islands that can be visited during a budget-holiday. Currently, Croatia is one of Europe’s fastest growing travel destinations, especially if you plan on having an amazing holiday.

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