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What does the world’s fastest car mean to you? Do you wish to ride in a supercar with oodles of pride and glory? Over the past few years, many interesting cars have being designed to delight car aficionados. The Guinness Book ranks supercars based on many small details, apart from what is displayed in the speedometer. With this being said, here is a quick walk through top nine supercars in the market!

Speedo #1 – Pagani Huayra


The list begins with “Pagani Huayra”. The car is well known for its very many records. Pagani was released in 1992. Since then, the car gained a paramount reputation amongst motorsports addicts. The super cool car is expensive, lightweight and predominantly strong for its speedy nature.

Speedo #2 – Zenvo ST1


A powerful sports toy from Denmark would be the “Zenvo ST1”. The car was launched in 2009 with a carbon fiber body and jaw dropping features. Only 15 Zenvos are released every year. If you can afford a base price of 2 million USD, you can be a proud owner of this car.

Speedo #3 – McLaren F1


The McLaren F1 has seen many changes since its inception. The first F1 was introduced in 1992 by McLaren Automotive. The model was capable of reaching a top speed of 230 mph. Even after two long decades, the car is known for its speed and one-of-a-kind cockpit structure.

Speedo #4 – Saleen S7


According to motorsports enthusiasts, the “Saleen S7 Twin Turbo” is a masterpiece. It is named as one of the world’s fastest cars for a reason. The V-8, 7-Liter Ford design with a horsepower of 750 gives Saleen S7 its monstrous speed.

Speedo #5 – Koenigsegg’s CCR &Agera


Koenigsegg CCR is sported as an astounding car with the ability to drive at 251 mph. the car’s top speed under normal conditions is 245mph. Unlike many other supercars, Koenigsegg CCR is designed carefully to meet International Safety and Emission Standards. Another Koenigsegg in the list of super-fast cars would be Agera S. Theoretically, the Agera is capable of reaching a speed of 273 mph. However, no one has being able to cross 260 mph on road. This can be attributed to its twin turbo V-8, 5 liter engine!

Speedo #6 – Porsche’s GT9-R


The list of fast cars would remain incomplete without GT9-R from Porsche. The car speaks a thousand stories for itself! Officially, GT9-R is an altered version of Porsche 911. It is capable of reaching a threshold of 400 kmph. Above all, its 1120 horsepower and 6-cylinder boxer engine makes it a real monster.

Speedo #7 – Ultimate Aero

When it comes to speed, very few supercars ride next to “The Ultimate Aero”. It is a stunning piece of art tested by NASA and Chevrolet engineers. And for records, the car is capable of hitting 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and with a bit of imagination you can imagine the delight of the escorts in London when travelling so fast. This can be attributed to its unique electronic driving tools that concentrate only on speed.

Two other names in the list of fast cars would be the Bugatti Veyron and Hennessey Corvette. These cars can give you a never-like-before experience in terms of speed, style and prestige.

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