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It seems that more and more substitutes and alternatives to the 24 hour escorts seem to appear day by day. One of the older models of such type of services getting a lot of attention is the dating type of websites. They seem to market themselves as something to be really excited about and quite a lot seem to believe as being the right way.

Is it something glamorous ?

For younger generation this might look like the place to go, especially in a such a busy life as London has to offer, connecting seems out of reach. We are more reluctant to discuss with other people than ever, especially with the raise of new technology , Face book and What's up being connected now, twitter and other social networks that take out a great deal of our time.

The dating websites appear to be easy to get in, not so easy deleting the account or any unwanted traces, especially where the case requires it. Most of the profiles seem legit, thinking everyone there might have exactly the same intention as we do - connecting and meeting new people. Unfortunately, on this websites contrary to the 24 hour escorts types, there are members from everywhere, although lots of profiles are fake or not any longer used, some of which we might even know personally. It may appear easy to get unnoticed by choosing a specific username, but unless the pictures you are displaying are real, than it's quite hard to actually communicate with one another and start going in the direction you firstly intended. We know about many unfortunate cases that ended up quite not as expected, but we shall be more objective and discuss it as it. Some girls that are listed under those websites, might try to maintain a certain lifestyle that they previously use to enjoy, hence the only way it came about to them was by joining and preying on others people 'kindness'; since most of them don't exactly have the 'models' looks required or the passion to follow something totally different.

You are going to be exposed to different things, majority that aren't in your control. For the single ones that's ok, but we can't speak for a wider audience. Some of the ladies seen there might have genuine intention and we are happy to see that, but others are playing a game that can be called Catch, take and dump. In other words, there are different types of women considering that tricking people into believing they will get something it's ok. Majority of this dates don't quite end up well and you won't only spend more, but you have also invested yourself personally. More importantly your private life can get invaded and this is not only serious, but if it's thing that you can avoid than don't leave it to chance.

It can get difficult at times to maintain a certain budget that will allow visiting someone from time to time, but its far more convenient and far less expensive than going the other route. We are not writing this in any personal interest, but we've heard about many cases, some even written on different forums and directories where people are asking advice on this matter of how to get in and make it work best.


We understand in this times when everyday on TV or other media means is being displayed a world of struggle, economy going down and constantly trying to feed us, the consumers, with more and more of their own views, we might as well choose what we 'consume'. Don't look for cheap deals with lots of promises, as they most definitely are just promises. Living in the moment, enjoy, relax and having fun it's a totally different thing from letting ourselves being constantly pulled in a space where we have no control and usually other people's opinion matter more.

There is, of course, another type of website for arrangements. This seems like a fair play, with lots of women around calling themselves sugar babies. In reality, most of them are just young girls looking for a quick score while trying to put all their issues, insecurities on you in a rather nice way, as if you have to deal with that in exchange of promises, but firstly you'll have to 'deliver'. Again, is not only that here you will end up spending a lot more than previous example, but in majority of cases you will get dumped quiet fast if your pocket runs out. Note that, being such demanding, asking for luxury things while going to a normal college is something in trend now. You may get what you want to, but if you don't limit yourself to that and move on, it can come at a price that it's not easily to reach out thereafter.

The service you can trust

articol-33On the other hand, you have a totally different type of service being provided by the < Baker street escorts agencies in London offering it in a friendly, serious and discreet way. The girls are genuine, especially with us, Mermaids of London, we have a great understanding for everyone; that's why we provide such a top class service. Majority of them are available throughout the day, but we do have girls listed as 24 hour escorts. This means that after 12am you will still have a great selection of some of the most gorgeous ladies in town. As this type of babes are always in demand, please make sure to have at least one alternative in case your first option is not. The reception lines are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, but note that we don't accept pre bookings for anytime between 3am - 8am. Bookings at short notice work best and in most cases you will meet the girl you firstly chose.

Being extremely open minded, enjoying the life of 24 hour escorts is a lot of fun especially when you are having a great night out in your favourite club with the right company.

You might as well want to have a look at our special promotions and discounts which are available everyday and can be found in the Happy Hour page. With just little bit of effort of organizing your time , you could enjoy much more with our Baker street escorts.

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