5 Essential pair of shoes for a London escort

If we were to live in different times, we would never have enough pair of shoes and sometimes we almost make ourselves believe this even now. Sometimes we all found ourselves there, when we wake up in the morning or one day we have to go to a party and even though our wardrobes are full with clothes, we can't seem to find what we want.

What we would like to start on doing is actually plan on what we are going to buy that will equally match our dailly activities including the weekends. This is one reason why having too much actually can make us not benefit from them or having too many items that are too similar in colours or style. So before you embark on the new spring-summer time, make sure that you have the following types of shoes.

Flat Shoes flat-shoes

This amazing style are very comfortable, feminine  and sexy. Wearing a pair of black flat shoes, will give you that casual and elegant look, especially being a glamourous blonde London escort. This can be worn depending on the weather with dresses or slim fited pants. The best thing you can do at the beginning is to buy a pair in black or nude colour.


The shoes you usually go to the gym with, should serve only that purpose only. But in the last fashion season we could see that trainers have slowly but surely started to come more and more in trend. A lot of brands have a wide range of choices, so make sure to add this on your list also. You can choose them in a neutral tone  or if you feel more comfortable wearing a eye-catching colour, then stick with this instead. This can be worn with many outfits that you would choose and there are something you must have in your wardrobe.

Wedge Sandals

When the weather is getting warmer and warmer we should switch our attention more into wearing sandals. They are perfectly comfortable and can be worn in many different ways being perfect for the shopping days as a busty London escort. Wear them with short pants or slim fitted jean as they generally get in style with almost everything.

 High heels high-heel

This are a pair of shoes that is a must in any blonde London escort wardrobe this is why you should have at least one. They can be worn at a wide range of occasions, including at night out at the theater or a dinner date. Before you choose your desired pair, make sure that the colour is either nude or black with a medium heel ( 9-10 cm ). If you chose them in a nude colour, the good thing is that they create the effect of your feet being actually longer. There are a wide range of choices available including stiletto, peep-toes or slingback pumps & heels.

Flat Sandals

As a blonde London escort, having a pair of flat sandals could bring a lot of benefits, especially in those sunny days when all you want is staying outside for as much as possible, walking through parks or exploring London. They are quite usefull, as they can be worn all the time during the summer. If you wardrobe comes in multi-colour then you might want to try and match the shoes with the clothes you have. This can also look good if you wear them with a dress or short colourful slim fit pants.

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